Human Factors In Technology Essay

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Human Factors in Technology Paper
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October 30, 2012

Gibson Guitars: New Technology Impact
New technology in this ever-changing world of customer desires and product development is an integral part of the business structure. Implementing new technology takes precedence in most corporations when concerning product development and attracting new customers. The impact of new technology depends largely on the amount of research conducted, the popularity of the product group, price, and features.
The Gibson Corporation has been introducing new guitars well before the 1930s. “By the time Gibson began work on its first electric guitar, the company had a 40-year ...view middle of the document...

With the logo “Light Your Fire: The Most Versatile Tone Monster Ever Made. Never before has one guitar been able to produce every imaginable guitar sound” (Gibson, 2011, Para. 1), a picture arises as the ultimate guitar.

Figure 1. The Gibson Darkfire
Internet and magazine articles attempt in painting this picture for attracting new customers, retaining existing customers, and generating excitement for technology placement; the higher the demand, the better the product placement. With new technology the option for extra added value is essential.
Ways that the new technology added value
This is the first electric guitar Gibson produced with an extensive amount of effects built into the guitar itself. Value-added equals extra features:
Analog or digital, the Gibson Dark Fire provides the user with a vast number of tonal possibilities in changing the tone of the Dark Fire to match a specific environment. It begins with a guitar's most basic element — the pickups. The Gibson Dark Fire combines two of Gibson's most popular pickups — the P90h in the neck position and a Burstbucker three in the bridge position (Gibson, 2011, Para. 1)
Along with these added features the Dark Fire also boasts the iconic Les Paul design with inlay taken from a classic 1911 mandolin, classic block inlay, and a chambered mahogany body (Gibson). Consumers are ever searching for something new and exciting. Sometimes simply changing the look, adding extra features, or reintroducing classic designs to pre-existing technology adds enough value for enticing consumers. With new technology questions and technical issues arise and therefore a support platform for addressing these issues is essential.
Support plan for customers who may have questions
New technology inherently produces technical issues. These issues include everything from general questions to repair problems. Gibson, as large a corporation as they have become, has a large customer database, and because of this a comprehensive support platform is ideal. Elizabeth A. Regan and Bridget N. O’Connor authors of End-User Information Systems (2002, p. 242) indicate that, “Information Systems Departments are responsible for ensuring that end users use the technologies designed to support his or her work effectively and efficiently.” To accomplish this an online support team and forum provides the capabilities for handling such a large customer base.
Besides the traditional methods of phone or mail, customer support options include e-mail, instant messaging, social media sights, and the forum. The support forum is an online media option that customers can use for asking questions, answering questions, or lending advice on technology in the guitar world. Not only does this option provide a wide range of expertise from fellow musicians but also it includes the Gibson support team (Gibson, 2011). If a user cannot find the answers he or she needs the other options of support are still a viable option. Many times...

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