Human Genome Project Website Evaluation Essay

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Human Genome Project Website Evaluation
We are humans and we all eat. But have you ever wondered what’s in that banana you’re eating? Is it really just a simple banana that grew on a tree? Or is it perhaps something much, much more complex? It’s 2013 and a big debated issue is argued on genetically modification of food and organisms. The Human Genome Project (HGP) helps people understand and identify what exactly genetically modified food and organisms are (GMO). Publications and webpages on this site were created by the U.S. Department of Energy Genome Program's Biological and Environmental Research Information System and all other materials were provided by “third parties” and not ...view middle of the document...

As I stated before, HGP created a side margin full of their “basic information”, covering their “FAQ’s”, “glossary”, “links”, “publication”, and “genetics 101”. Within the “link” tabs, it brings you to a link to a “Virtual Library on Genetics”. Also on the “links” tab, anyone is open and welcome to e-mail the main man on the website. There’s also a link in the margin which one can open up and see all the members of the HGP team, including the HGP leader, Betty Mansfeild, scientists involved in the research, and also address to the actual laboratory.
Under the HGP’s “basic information”, along the side margin as well, the site offers links for “about the project”, “medicine and new genetics”, “ethical, legal, and social issues”, “education”, “research”, and “publications”. These topics are all bolded, so people can see there are sub-topics within each of the bolded topic. I think this site would be best for determining information on genetically modified food and organisms and the effects they may have on people. I believe the Human Genome Project website offers great authority, coverage, and disclosure of advoacy.
The Human Genome Project has very much credible work towards their research. The U.S. Department of Energy, Genome Programs, Office of Biological and Environmental Research, and The Human Genome Program are all credited towards HGP. As stated before, HGP is correlated with the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institute of Health. Also, HGP is a government site, which means not just any random person could write their thoughts and feelings down; this is all factual information that is distributed to the public. The Department of Energy (DEO) also was credited by HGP. “The Department of Energy (DOE) has sponsored the publication of numerous documents about the Human Genome Project. Most of these publications are available online (in HTML and PDF forms) and in print formats” (Human). The website has pages and pages of credits that go to the appropriate people. This shows that it has a ton of authority! I also feel the HGP website has a lot of authority because of the researchers, students, and teachers. Everyone on the team who helped the site and concludes their information and findings were in this program for thirteen years. “…the U.S. Human Genome Project was a 13-year effort…” (Human). This site also gives plenty of information on giving credit to the right people and the department and programs needed. “… please credit the U.S. Department of Energy Genome Programs and provide the website”(Human).
The coverage on the HGP website covers so much information. First off, this program is huge. There are so many sponsors and programs that went in and helped build all...

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