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Human Growth Essay

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Case Study

Nursing is a profession that is based on caring and in order to provide quality care the nurses must understand each client’s situation. This paper will focus on an 86-year-old client, and the nurses’ skills, roles, ethical issues and options available regarding his care.
Mr. Johndor is an 86-year-old resident of a long term care facility who was transferred to an acute care facility after having a cerebral vascular accident which left him paralyzed on his left side of the body. He also had two grown up daughters who where involved in looking after him including registered nurse who has been caring for him and has been able to talk to him about his present ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, Mr. Johndor informed the nurses that he was so confused about why his elder daughter was upset about his decision. Therefore, registered nurse ask herself how she could help Mr. Johndor?
Ethical Issue
The major ethical issue in this situation arises from the conflict between the nurse’s beliefs about what will benefit Mr. Johndor, and the eldest daughters belief against her fathers choice. Mr. Johndor is caught in the middle and he is unwilling to say publicly his own feeling. Another ethical issue is that Mr. Johndor’s autonomy is being compromised for the nurse get the impression that he is being influenced or coerced. He was clear in his decision and explained why he was refusing treatment in the form of a permanent PEG tube. After spending some time with both his daughters however, he is second-guessing his decision because his eldest daughter is upset with his decision.
Anyhow, it would be helpful to know more about the youngest daughter regarding her involvement in her father’s life and how much she understands about his health and his reasons for making the decision to put his life at risk. In addition, knowing more about her relationship with her eldest sister, who also help looking after their father would also help both sisters to support their father’s decision.
Ethical Principles
The ethical principles involved in this case are autonomy and beneficence. As noted in Yeo, Moorhouse and Dalziel (1996), “Autonomy means self-determination, the right to make independent decisions concerning one’s own life and well-being”(p.91). When Mr. Johndor’s was admitted to the acute care facility it was felt by the nurses that he was capable of making decisions for himself. Autonomy requires relevant information, ability to understand information and freedom to act on that information. The physician provided the relevant information including the risks involved and Mr. Johndor’s understood the information. Furthermore, the health care team wanted him to be free to act on that information so the physician gave him time to discuss his options with his family.
According to Yeo, Moorhouse and Dalziel (1996), “beneficence denotes promoting someone else’s good of welfare”(p.58). The health care team wanted to promote Mr. Johndor’s good as a human person for he has the capacity to make choices and it is the duty of nurses to honor this good.
Skills Required
On a daily basis, nursed have duty tasks that they carry out with require them to have skills that give them accurate knowledge on the client they are dealing with. Providing physical assessment skill from head to toe, gives information on the functionality of the person in nightly detailed way. Clinical skills that are accomplished at school are very imperative when admitting a patient especially in this situation. This competent includes the ability of the examine to collect pertinent clinical information, which brings a strong teamwork in the medicine area of practice. In...

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