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For most individuals a career goal is to advance as high as possible in ones chosen field of work. This includes the job they intend to obtain whether it is in the financial industry or in technologies and what they intended to be doing at that job. Salary is also an important factor in a career goal it keeps one motivated and determined, getting raises is determines ones advancement. Promotions can be the ultimate goal in ones career advancement, obtaining the title of supervisor, manager, and CEO can meet some of the highest goals and show the effort put in to obtaining them. In order to improve your chances at reaching these goals it is important to be able to get ahead. To do so I would advise on networking, being vocal, and hard work and determination.

Networking is crucial in career advancement, it plays a big roll in the jobs you are offered, the salary you will receive, and promotions you ...view middle of the document...

This also shows your employer your value making him inclined to give you a promotion and or pay raise, to keep you an asset from leaving. Networking can be done through various professional networking sites such as LinkedIn or BranchOut. Meeting people by going to conventions and seminars in your field are also good methods to network. A good rule to follow is you never know where an opportunity might come from so keep your options open.

Being vocal is important in various ways towards career advancement. Being vocal with ones boss or supervisor lets them understand what you are looking for, whether it is a raise or promotion. Being vocal means explaining to your boss that you feel you may be deserving of a promotion or raise, it brings the possibility in to consideration and under review. Being vocal also means relaying your boss and supervisor in a subtle way the work you do and the effort you put in, like notifying them immediately when a tasks has been completed, so your efforts should not go unnoticed and portrays you as an asset. Being vocal of new ideas and concepts shows your innovation and wits, this puts you in head of others when employers are considering job applicants and promotions.

Hard work and determination is the determining factor in anyone’s career path, there is no way around it. With hard work and determination anything can be accomplished. With hard work you open yourself up to many opportunities people take notice and will want to work with you, your value to a company becomes indispensible forcing employers to offer you promotions and raises. A hard worker never goes unrewarded, even if a company may not be able to offer a promotion, when looking for a new job a hard worker will receive good references from the work he has done, and employers are always seeking hard workers. Doing hard work and being determined can be tough but the rewards are tremendous.

Following this advise one can see many results in their career advancement and goals. Networking, being vocal and hard work and determination are just some of the tips and advice one can use to get ahead, but using them will defiantly see results.

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