Human Population Essay

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Human Population

Answer each of the following questions in at least 100 words.

1. Describe the two types of population growth (i.e., describe what the graphs that represent the two types of growth look like and explain why they look like they do). Which type of growth describes the human population growth pattern?

The two types of population growth are Exponential growth and Logistic growth. Exponential growth is the expansion of a population in an ideal, unlimited environment. The exponential growth chart calculates the size of each generation by multiplying the current population size by the number of births minus the number of deaths. Starting with a base population number, ...view middle of the document...

That being said, interfering with another sovereign nation can be tricky. Some organizations choose to purchase land from governments for a higher price than the government would get for selling the timber. Big governments like the U.S. could threaten certain sanctions against countries that mismanage its lands, but this can cause problems. The U.S. is already being accused of getting involved in other country’s problems too often. Education is the best weapon against mismanaging our planet. If everyone understood what the long term effects of damaging our ecosystem are, they may be more inclined to find a better way to solve the problems.

3. Given the current population and its growth there are arguments regarding whether or not we as a people should limit our own population growth. In the past, societies that were sustainable in the long-term used a combination of population control and careful resource use to maintain their societies (e.g., people of New Guinea). Address one of the following two scenarios.

a. If you think we should limit our population growth, how can we encourage people to have only two or fewer children without infringing on the rights (i.e., biological imperative) of people to reproduce (i.e., government policies, non-government organizations, people in general)? Remember to provide specific details (i.e., What might the government do and how? What might organizations do and how? What would individual people do and how?). Note: not infringing on someone’s biological imperative to reproduce means creating a situation in which they choose to reproduce two or fewer children without being punished for or prevented from reproducing more. Also, keep in mind that human population problems are an issue for ALL countries, not...

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