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Human Resouce Management Essay

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The University of Kentucky is the largest university in Kentucky, with 26, 682 students enrolled² they are the top employer in Lexington³ with over 10,600 employees and they are the ninth largest economic company in Kentucky, with an annual budget of over $1.4 billion.¹ The Human Resource department at UK has approximately 110 employees.4 I decided to interview the top two HR Specialists: Kimberly P. Wilson, Associate Vice President of HR and Mary Ferlan, Operations Director of HR. These two women put aside some time with me to go over the University of Kentucky's Human Resource Department, the Organizational Chart of HR, and answered some questions I had regarding their ...view middle of the document...

). She holds an MBA from Rockhurst College in Kansas City, MO and a BA from the University of Kentucky.

Mary Ferlan, the Operations Director for Human Resources, has been with the University of Kentucky since 1990. She started working as a Wellness Specialist, serving as an assistant manager and manager for the Wellness Program. Mary then served as a HR generalist and as the manager for employee relations and unemployment within the UK HR department. She then moved on to become the Operations Director of Human Resources. She received her Bachelor's in Biology from Allegheny College in Meadville, PA and her Master's in Exercise Physiology from UK.

The University's Organizational Chart
Executive VP of Finance & Administration
Associate VP for Human Resources Support Staff
Clinical Enterprises Compensation & Records Benefits HR operations Director
Satellite Office Compensation Benefits Customer Service Budget
Records Benefits Data Group Communications
Health & Wellness Employee Relations/ FMLA
Worker's Comp/LTD Employment
Make the Difference
Training & Development
Work-Life/ Elder Care

The specific education that both Wilson and Ferlan suggested, if someone is interested in an HR career were classes in Business, Human Resources, HR Principles, and Industrial Psychology and even classes in behavioral based interviewing.

The most important responsibilities for Wilson and Ferlan are to continue the UK Strategic Plan (the UK Top 20 Business Plan) to become a top 20 Public Research University by the year 2020. The University of Kentucky president, Lee Todd, Jr. stated, "The bottom line is simple: states with Top 20 universities are places where citizens are more educated, healthier, and more financially secure. Average household incomes are higher in states with Top 20 universities."5 In order for UK to do so, it will need to do the following over the next 14 years (taken December 12, 2006 from:
 Increase enrollment by 7,000 students - to 34,000;
 Increase what is already the state's highest graduation rate by 12 percentage points - to 72 percent;
 Increase the...

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