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Human Resouce Management Roles Essay

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Human Resource Management Roles
Sharon Lokomski
Mark Stricklett

Human Resource Management Roles
The human resource department plays a major rule in businesses. With the human resource department companies can run more smoothly so that different departments can be split up and have there own managers. There are two important roles for the human resource department which include strategic planning and functional support.
The strategic planning is developing and counseling the orgainizations performance. There needs to be a good plan so the company will have its employee working together as a team and be able to have a manager for there department. The functional support is the legwork and tactical processes of the performance of the management system. With having these two in place the company could run ...view middle of the document...

With having different managers for the departments the employees could have a better relationship with there manager. The managers would be able to handle having less employees under them to where in the human resource department would have too many employees to watch over. Some companies could have just one person as the human resource department or bigger companies would have more than one person as the human resource department.
Some of things the human resource department would need to do is to have a mission, goals and strategies, guided principals, services and delivery, processes and practices, structure, roles and capabilities, and measures. The human resource department is a very powerful department for the company.
The company that I work for is for nine different doctors for gastroenterologist they only have one person that is the human resource departments and she runs everything. Underneath the human resource she has managers for departments of the company. With having managers for the different departments and problems arise the employee would go to the manager instead of going to the human resouce person every time there is something so simple that the manager can handle or solve without it causing more problems. I know for me it is easier for me to get intouch with my manager than the human resource since the human resouce department women deals with all the stuff going on in the company and any of the problems that the doctors have. The doctors each own a part of the company but the human resource department has so much responsibility for the company.
In conclusion the human resource department has a major rule in any company for it run smoothly so that all employees will have a better job experience.


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