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Human Resource 1 Essay

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Human Resources Exam #1

* To answer the legal questions pretend you are teaching it to her.
* The second essay question you can just list- it will be easy
* For the first essay question put everything down!
* Reasonable accommodation is only relevant to religion and handicapped
* Test is on Tuesday
* 13 true false questions
* 26 multiple choice
* pretend she is stupid- put down to much! Show off

1. Jamal, an African American, likes girlie magazines very much. He brings them to work, studies them while at work, shows them around to other employees, and is rarely at his work station. His supervisor has spoken to him on numerous occasions and asked him ...view middle of the document...

The button upsets her coworkers. The supervisor has asked her to leave it at home or cover it up while at work. She refuses, claiming that this would interfere with the free practice of her religion. Consequently, she is fired. 

* - decision- fire her
* -criterion- fired because of her religious practice, they made a reasonable accommodation but she refused to comply, perfectly legal

* 4. Percy is an 85 year old employee of Blockbuster. He works at the counter. He's a good employee, he works hard, customers find him charming and sweet. He comes to work on time and has never missed a day of work. Percy's supervisor is 20. He finds 85 year olds creepy, and really thinks that they should just stay in the nursing home. He fires Percy.

-decision- fire person
-criterion- age over 40, on the list. This is not a bfoq so it is illegal

Determine if these actions are legal – its only illegal if its on the list
1. A female applicant at XYZ Corp. was denied employment because of the company's policy against hiring women with pre-school aged children. There was no policy against hiring men with pre-school aged children.                       
 -disparate treatment
– gender is on the list
– not a bfoq
-illegal disparate treatment

2. The owner of a manufacturing facility, staffed entirely by Mexicans, refuses employment to a white American manager because the owner is concerned that the Mexicans will only consent to supervision by another Mexican.
Decision- not to hire
Criterion- national origin
Bfoq??- no, employee preference and customer preference is not a bfoq
Disparate treatment based on national origin


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