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Human Resource Essay

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The pursuit of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) concentrates on the development in business administration. Organizations leaders have to study the functional areasof business
and find ways to communicate these information’s to managers for effective
leadership. Organizations formulate their organizational structures on numerous functional areas generating subdivisions around these functional areas and delegating responsibilities asnecessary. This paper focuses on the functional areas of business and the importance of managers to work in cross-sectional teams for a successful organization.
Functional Areas of Business
Small or large businesses have key functions to perform ...view middle of the document...

This is achieved through the marketing mix, which consist of product, price, promotion, and place IT involves maintaining organization computer network systems Human resources involves staffing, training and supporting of professional development
Finance involves monitoring and supporting aim and objectives to maximize profits
Distribution involves goods delivered on time to the right place and in perfectcondition
Customer service involves keeping old customers satisfied while attracting newcustomers
Administration involves supporting the entire business
Research and development (R & D) involves new product development or improvement on existing product
Relationship between Different Functional Areas
For an organization to remain successful, the functional areas must work in cohesion.Within small firms contacts and collaborations among individuals, responsible for diverse rolescould be generally informal and uninterrupted. For example sale staff may know customers whocannot receive additional product because of non-payment; the manager may know average tothe best worker without someone communicating any information, and a customer query easilyresolved by advice from staff members. In larger organizations because people may work inseparate areas or department the circumstances are different. Managers have to find ways for information and support between the functional areas to remain and operate effectively.
Functional Areas of Business
Communication and cooperation has to be constant for maintaining the organization aims andobjectives. For these reasons joint decisions are made amongst departments, for fulfilling organizational needs. Therefore, manager’s roles are more complex and demanding.
Managers Role
Managers have to find ways to remain confident, adaptable, and maximize profits for their stakeholders in the modern business environment (Parker,...

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