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A Report About Human Resource Management | March 3
This is an Individual Assignment for Human Resource Management module. | 14M1: Margareth (00000011131) |

I. Human Resource Management and Technology
a. Knowledge Worker

A person who utilizes knowledge in working or finishing tasks is called a knowledge worker. In a company, knowledge workers can be people who organize, market or distribute information or contribute to the commerce of products. Peter Drucker in 1959 used the term knowledge worker in his book, Landmarks of Tomorrow, to refer to those who work in the fields of information technology which includes programmers, system analysts, technical writers, ...view middle of the document...

It has become one of the best applications in helping performance review. Software Advice did a survey on random 4,633 respondents in the US and found 3 key findings. Half of the sample has used Glassdooor application in their job search; employees are more attracted to companies with good review such as better compensation and benefits; and most of all, new reviews or less than 6 months reviews are the most impacting ones.
c. 6 Areas in HRM That Is Affected By Technology

In the area of recruiting, hiring and training, which were previously done without the help of technology, are managed online today. All the employees need to do is submit the softcopy of the CV online.
Employers also monitor through CCTVs that are planted in various areas throughout the organization. This serves for safety purposes and evidence for crimes if any should arise. Another monitoring method is through the PC that employees use so that employers may check whether they are working or using it for personal reasons. Although this brings many human rights issues in term of looking through employees personal, it is a very common practice in many organizations today.
Previously, communications through different departments are often rare to none. With technological help, employees from different departments today have better access and connect with each other easily through social media, organization’s website, or chatting applications. This brings down the silo that is created from the scarce of communication between departments.
Technology also helps the compensation management by using Compensation Management Software which reduce labor costs, improve talent retention, and increase in employee engagement in the compensation and reward section. SHRM has cited several cases where these applications have cut approximately 65% of the time necessary to plan for the salary and in other case, more than $10 million.
In terms of performance review, almost half of human resource professionals admit that the process of performance-review needs to be re-evaluated. Technologies come into play as performance review is virtually not working. Various applications today are available and many provide the employers the feature to manage real-time performance, to monitor employee’s achievements, goals and challenges, to improve communication so that employers may keep reminding their employees of their goals, and to send in-time feedback so that changes can be made immediately.
And of course, constant usage of technology in daily tasks will enhance IT skills of employees which also increase their productivity with efficient use of available technology.
II. Strategic Human Resource Management

One of the natures of Human Resource Management is to align the Human Resource-employees, to support the strategic planning of the organization. Strategic HRM is to relate organizational goals with the employee’s daily task, skills, and so forth. It is undeniable that the most...

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