Human Resource Management And Its Importance To An Organization As Well As To Its Employees

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Management refers to an act or skill of directing and organizing the work of a company or organization. Human Resource Management (HRM) is to succeed in dealing the abilities and skills of employees effectively for the organization by recruiting, training and motivating through performance appraisal and compensations.HRM comprises of the policies and systems that influence employees' mind-set, performance and aptitude that have an effect on the operation of an organization. This is referred as "people practices". 30 (Noe et al. 2004, p. 2)A group of qualified candidates are selected under the professionalism of HRM with the reasonable compensations (wage, benefits, trainings, career ...view middle of the document...

Thus, timely reactions and efforts are expected from the HRM to source for the right personnel, and make necessary arrangements and adjustments to manage individuals and business needs.HRM has to provide guidance for handling changes that includes employee relations and meaningful rewards. Trainings and better benefits packages should be awarded for the valued employees with outstanding performances. Likewise, administering under-performed employees and downsizing of manpower or even outsourcing of resources may have to put in considerations as not to affect any business operations. With the right management of the organization's human resources, great achievements can be foreseen in the competitive markets. This function can be accomplished by effectively using the human assets for continued capabilities pertaining to the organizational targets. 93 (Noe et al. 2004, p. P31-43)HR efforts have to be ensured being used effectively to boost the company's competitiveness advantage through forecasting and actions that focus on its organizational success. 25 (Abowd, Milkovich & Hannon 1990, p. 203-236)There are 4 objectives to determine the existence of HRM - Organizational, Functional, Societal and Personal. Failure to meet any of these objectives affects the company's performance, profits and even the survival rate. It has to be capable in handling the management as well as balancing challenges from all possible factors like HR functions and people affected under any circumstances. 59 (Werther & Davis 2006, p. 9-10)Like any...

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