Human Resource Management Is All About People. If You Like To Talk To People Then A Job In Human Resources Is For You

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Human Resource Management is all about people, and deals with issues related to people such as compensation, hiring, performance management, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, and training. A career in HRM isn't just for those who enjoy talking to people, it is also for those who like systems, analytics and processes as HRM professionals are typically given ownership over a process, specialty area or task with a significant amount of interaction with people.An organization's Human Resources consist of all people employed by an organisation; they are what every organisation depends upon to make it operate (Wei, 2006). Human Resource Management (HRM) refers to ...view middle of the document...

A career in HRM isn't just for those who enjoy talking to people. The types of careers available in HRM are varied. There are generalist HRM jobs such as human resource assistant, careers involved with employment, recruitment and placement, and specialty areas of HRM such as a benefits manager or HR director (U.S. Department of Labour, 2007). A career in HRM is more for those who likes systems, analytics and processes as well as interacting with people. While serving the people in an organization, HRM professionals are typically given ownership over a process, specialty area or task (Wei, 2006). For example, a recruiting manager in a consumer products firm might be given responsibility for recruiting activities in one department. The manager is then responsible for the entire process - finding and locating candidates, conducting phone calls, scheduling one to many rounds of interviews with candidates, negotiating the details of job offers and completing the hiring paperwork.Accel-Team (2007) states that there are seven important functions of HRM, which are; manpower planning, recruitment and selection of employees, employee motivation, employee evaluation, industrial relations, employee services, and employee development.Function one is manpower planning, which requires that an assessment of present and future needs of the organization be compared with present resources and future predicted resources. The prices for not being correctly staffed are costly, for example overstaffing is a waste of time and expensive to eliminate because of current legislations such as redundancy payments and minimum periods of notice and so on.Function two is the recruitment and selection of employees. In terms of recruitment and selection, a job analysis must be carried out to determine the level of skills/technical abilities, competencies, and flexibility of the employee required. The HRM department must then attract qualified applicants through job postings, school careers officers, university notice boards, job agencies, and advertising.Interviews can be carried out by individuals or by panels of interviewers, or in the form of sequential interviews by different experts and can vary from five minutes to a process of several days. Personal skills in judgment is important, however there are several techniques to aid judgment including selection testing for: attainments, general intelligence and problem solving skills etc.Function three is employee motivation, to retain good staff and to encourage them to give of their best while at work requires attention to the financial and psychological rewards offered by the organization as a continuous exercise, for example, rewarding employees through bonuses or promotions.Basic financial rewards and conditions of service are determined externally (by award or government minimum wage legislations). Hence all staffing needs will vary with the productivity of the workforce. Ways to measure an employee's performance is discussed...

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