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Human Resource Management: Staff Selection And Appraisal

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The process of staff recruitment and selection is becoming increasingly complex and its integration into organisational and Human Resource (HR) strategies means that the successful outcome of these processes is vital for job performance and organisational success. The intricacy of matching the right applicant to the right job is a perpetual activity for management and HR practitioners considering the organisation's economic, social and political contexts. This paper aims to identify the effect the environmental context has towards organisational strategies and the HR system and the subsequent impact on recruitment procedures and selection. Further, an analysis of the importance of staff ...view middle of the document...

124) once these changes occur. Such "economically" inspired" tactics have been criticised as having a detrimental impact towards the productivity of the workforce and this could be related to the failure in acknowledging the job requirements needed after such fundamental organisational changes have occurred (ACIRRT, 1999, pp.16-17).A further impact on organisational performance is the slow response to increased globalisation resulting in "work intensification" which has consequences for the organisation (ACIRRT, 1999, pp.31-33). In conjunction with the impact of the global economy, the high demand for skilled labour has meant a world-wide shortage of skilled staff and this trend continues as organisations seek increased competitiveness resulting in a fundamental change in the labour market (author, 2000,p.66). This has led to a need for organisations to develop sound HR policies and an effective recruitment process ensuring that it can acquire the most qualified pool of applicants available. Management must seek to deal with this competition for skilled labour as well as abiding by anti-discrimination legislation, labour laws and a deregulated industrial relations system (Irwin, 2003, pp.1-5).Recruitment and selection is vital to the organisation in implementing change and counteracting changes in the environmental context (Stone, 2002, p174). Jobs change accordingly as organisations respond to economic and technological pressures (Nankervis, Compton & McCarthy, 1999, p.190). It is common for organisations to disregard this when the recruitment process begins and it will inevitably lead to an unqualified and unskilled workforce and consequently job failure. For instance, it has been stated that corporations no longer have a centralised role in decision making, non-standard forms of employment has risen substantially and outsourcing is increasing for most activities (Drucker, 2001). Further, tasks are changing constantly, particularly in higher positioned jobs and HR practitioners will have difficulty in assessing job designs (Stone, 2002, p.124). Therefore if management does not acknowledge internal changes that occur than there will be a misallocation of workers and jobs.In addition to the need for management to evaluate the effect of social, economic and political impacts on the organisation, a factor that contributes towards poor performance is the incorrect assessment about the types of jobs that need filling and the skills needed to perform them. In other words, the organisation's external environment directly affects the organisational context (Irwin, 2003, pp.6-7). The main function of recruitment is to ensure that the organisation is adequately and effectively staffed at all times (Compton, Morrissey & Nankervis, 2002, p.17). For example, whilst an organisation will restructure and re-engineer work processes to adapt to new technology or comply with legislative requirements, it will also reallocate work and create new jobs....

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