Human Resource Management Works Well In Theory But Not In Practice

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The objective of this report is to focus on the concept Training and Development in HRM” and examines in more detail some of the theoretical advantages and disadvantages of Training and Development strategies in HRM followed by a critical review on the evidence based around what impact it has had in practice in terms of promoting and enhancing business performance. While we cannot ignore the importance of HRM theories in today’s management context, this paper explores whether these theories work well in practice.

The key purpose of HRM is to enable management to enhance the individual and collective contributions of people to the short and long term success of the ...view middle of the document...

When the organization invests in improving the knowledge and skills of its employees, the investment is returned in the form of more productive and effective employees. Training and development programme may be focused on individual performance or team performance. (Kenneth 2009:185-186)The creation and implementation of training and management development programs should be based on training and management development needs identified by a training needs analysis so that the time and money invested in training and management development is linked to the mission or core business of the organization (Watad & Ospina, 1999). For example, technical skills are relevant to areas like team management, financial management and sales management. Business competencies include areas such as business leadership, decision-making, and communicating and influencing. (

Definition of Training
Training is the process of imparting specific skill, their objective is to develop the competencies of employees and improve their performance. Skills can in be in both soft and hard skills.

Hard skills are usually technical skills or administrative procedures related to an organization’s core business. Examples include machine operation, computer protocols, safety standards, financial procedures and sales administration. These skills are typically easy to observe, quantify and measure. They’re also easy to train, because most of the time the skill sets are brand new to the learner and no unlearning is involved. (Dennis Coates: 2004).

Soft skills or people skills are typically hard to observe, quantify and measure. ( 2013) People skills are needed for everyday life as much as they’re needed for work. They have to do with how people relate to each other: communicating, listening, engaging in dialogue, giving feedback, cooperating as a team member, solving problems, contributing in meetings and resolving conflict. Leaders at all levels rely heavily on people skills, too: setting an example, teambuilding, facilitating meetings, encouraging innovation, solving problems, making decisions, planning, delegating, observing, instructing, coaching, encouraging and motivating.
(Dennis Coates: 2004).

Definition of Development

Another component of a training and development is development which is less skill oriented but stressed on knowledge. It is the learning opportunities designed to help employees grow. Knowledge about business environment, management principles and techniques, human relations, specific industry analysis and the like is useful for better management of the company ( 2013)

Framework for Training and Development
When training staff, organisation would want to ensure that to follow all the steps properly to maximize the learning potential. The ‘training cycle’, probably the most commonly used training model, provides a logical and structured approach that will...

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