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Human Resource Mgmt Essay

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Human Resource Training Techniques

Human Resource Management, Section E2C

Training is an essential part of today's business world to ensure the ability and quality of workers entering or maintaining the work force. Proper training decreases the amount of turnovers, increases quality of a job done, and creates a standard of the environment that the work is to be done in, among other things. There are many different training techniques that can be used depending on the type of job, type of company, or type of employee. By having knowledgeable trainers and willing employees, proper training can boost employee morale and ...view middle of the document...

Audience to be trained
In accordance with the outlined goals from the Human Resource department, it is crucial to be mindful of the audience that is receiving the information. Different methods must be utilized for varying experience levels. Entry level training will cover basics of job function, impact to interdependent functions, teach and fine tune needed skills. Continued training may be provided either by the Human Resource department, or through peer training in a program outlined by the HR department. Employees who are already familiar with overall goals and receiving additional training may sometimes benefit from also participating in refresher training in case of changes made to the overall goals of a specific job.
By generalizing the type of training methods used, both groups and individuals should have a better grasp of what is to be expected. New hires will learn the in's and outs of their expectations, the best methods for achieving their goals, and tools they can utilize to better both their job quality and satisfaction. Continued training of current employees ensures the ability to stay competitive with ever changing standards of any given work sector. In order to have the most effective training, material should be reviewed on a regular basis for how accurate it is to the job that is being trained for, and how positive the results are of the current training methods. It is of no benefit to either a companies Human Resource department or the employee if the materials being used are outdated or ineffective.

Training resources
In todays business world, there are many different training aids available. Written material, visual aids and hands on training are all methods that can be utilized depending on the type of worker and/or work being done. It is important for the training material to be organized in a logical fashion that allows a cohesive flow of delivery. It is important for the steps of a process to be outlined as they are expected to be completed, to make sure a job is being done correctly. It is the responsibility of the Human Resource department to complete job analysis to provide the best possible understanding of how and why a job is being performed, and choose the types of media that best support these roles. Written material is a benefit to all levels of training as it provides a hard copy that can easily be referred back to at any time. Visual aids are more helpful to some trainees who learn better by seeing, than reading. Hands on training seems to be the most effective in most cases because its...

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