Human Resource Outline

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For Helpers, Cashiers, Servers, and Sales Ladies(Two sets of 8 workers assigned for AM Shift and PM Shift respectively.) |
AM Shift | PM Shift |
10 am – 4 pm(Except for 1 worker whose work will start at 8 am.) | 4 pm – 10 pm |
For Janitor |
Operating hours. |
For Higher Positions(Administration, Managers, and Supervisors) |
Operating hours. |


Departments | Finance | Operations and Production | Human Resource | Marketing |
Brief Description: | In charge of all the money that is coming in and out of the business. | In charge of selling the product in malls and other establishments.In ...view middle of the document...

| * Have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management. * Has an experience of handling the business. * Educated in computer and software skills. * Resourceful, inventive, and influential. * Knowledgeable in analysis of financial reports. * Has a good sense of judgment in making decisions and a professional. * Have good leadership skills and problem solving skills. * Can communicate clearly in both verbal and written format. * Understands organization’s culture. * Open to various concerns and changes in the company. * Can deal with pressure. * Can communicate fluently in Filipino and English. |
Monthly Salary: | Php 25,210.00 |

Operations and Production Supervisor |
Duties: | Qualifications: |
* Oversees the preparation and production of burger ingredients; * Maintains an up-to-date inventory of ingredients; * Monitors and evaluates product ingredients; | * Bachelor degree preferably in operations management. * Has a pleasing personality. * A strong willed person. * Willing to do long hours of work. * A responsible person. * Has good health. |
Monthly Salary: | Php 15,000.00 |

Financial Manager |
Duties: | Qualifications: |
* Providing and interpreting financial information; * Monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends; * Analyzing change and advising accordingly; * Formulating strategic and long-term business plans; * Researching and reporting on factors influencing business performance; * Analyzing competitors and market trends; * Developing financial management mechanisms that minimize financial risk; * Conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities; * Managing a company's financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems; * Liaising with auditors to ensure annual monitoring is carried out; * Developing external relationships with appropriate contacts, e.g. auditors, solicitors, bankers and statutory organizations such as the Inland Revenue; * Producing accurate financial reports to specific deadlines; * Managing budgets; * Arranging new sources of finance for a company's debt facilities; * Supervising staff; * Keeping abreast of changes in financial regulations and legislation. | * Bachelor degree preferably in Accountancy. * Has commercial and business awareness; * Has excellent communication skills; * Has an analytical approach to work; * Has high numeracy and sound technical skills; * Good at problem-solving skills and initiative; * Strong attention to detail and an investigative nature; * Has the ability to balance the demands of work with study commitments; * Good time management skills and the ability to prioritize; * Has the ability to work as part of a team and to build strong working relationships; * Has the ability to make quick but rational decisions; * Has the potential to lead and motivate others; * Good IT skills. |
Monthly Salary: | Php...

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