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Human Resources Essay

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Previously we discussed PAC Resources capabilities & employee compententencies. We also identified challenges that needed to be addressed and conducted a Gap Analysis to address those issues and provided solutions.

Additionally, a SWOT analysis was conducted and we provided our recommendations & justifications improvements in Employee Relations, Training & Development and Personnel Management.

The purpose of today’s paper is to compile the data from the previous presentations into a Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-Oriented action plan, to assist PAC Resources in achieving their business objectives and goals. This plan will consist of the following ...view middle of the document...

We found that in order for PAC Resources to be successful in this forever evolving economy their employees must possess the following competences:
a. Credible Activist
b. Strategic Positioner
c. Change Agent
d. Capability Builder

We recommended developing/revamping new policies & practices within the organization to change the culture & image the employee’s have about the company. We found it beneficial to develop a training program that continues to support & develop employees to reach their fullest potential to improve their overall performance and productivity. Lastly, we recommended implementation of a new personnel management system to improve the efficiency & standardize the HR processes within PAC Resources, so that trust can began to be rebuilt with the employees.

We justified all these recommendations by demonstrating how this change is of great benefit to the company and how we have aligned them with the company’s business objectives and goals.

As Justin Allen discussed, to begin a transformation, we first must identify the biggest challenges an organization faces, the impact of those challenges on stakeholders, how HR can assist in addressing those challenges, what to expect from the impact and how will we measure them (2013). Most important, everyone needs to understand why is the transformation important and why it is necessary. As we build our case for this transformation, we will propose a plan that clearly illustrates the purpose and need for this transformation. We will formulate strategies that are directly linked to the company’s vision and business objectives so the company is viable in today’s market.
HR Department
1) Develop new employee handbook outlining standardized procedures & policies
2) Combine sick & vacation leave into one. Administer leave in accordance with FMLA law.
3) Discontinue merit bonus program
4) Implement new HRIS system
5) Possible outsourcing of some administrative HR functions

Training Department
1) Implement new hire orientation
2) Provide job specific on-the-job training
3) Once new HRIS system is online, need to provide training to employees on use of portal

HR Department
As Mark Nyman described in “Building an Effective Transformation Team”(2013). It is critical to have people that have high credibility when building a transformation team. With the recent resignation of the HR, coupled with extreme distrust and dysfunction within the HR department, we feel it is best to bring in external HR consultants to assist with the transformation. Giving them the data we have collected already we feel this transformation will take about 115 days. That number will be adjusted if its determined by the consultations more time is needed to perform their duties.
Training Department
We will utilize the line managers to help determine...

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