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Human resource management is a very crucial department within any organization. Human resource management deals with all the functions that are related to employees such as recruitment, training, retention, and rewarding, offering direction and to employees and subsequently promoting, demoting and dismissing employees. Failure in one of the functions of the human resource management is reflected in the organization.
Apple has built a strong global brand with its products commanding a very big global market. Apple is a giant company within the mobile and computer technology industry. Since its inception as a company, Apple has enjoyed an upward trend in all aspects of business including in ...view middle of the document...

In any company within the telecommunications industry, creativity and innovativeness are two fundamental aspects, which should be highly regarded. New ideas are being generated day in day out within this industry and if a company is unable to keep up the pace, it will definitely lose it to its competitors. Apple has enjoyed success for many years thanks to its talented and innovative employees who have placed its products at par with other competing product in terms of features. Therefore, in the company’s list of priorities, employees should come first since they are the engine behind financial and brand growth. Loss of a single employee in Apple means loss of a manager or leader sometime later down the road.
The current employee retention problems witnessed within Apple have come because of reduced stock prices, which is a sign of financial ruin in the near future. Many are convinced that their future with Apple is not promising as the company continues to struggle with its declining stock values. The seemingly declining Apple’s stock has been exacerbated by lack of new products that is giving their competitors a competitive advantage over them. Now Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are capitalizing on the retention problems apparent with Apple’s human resource management. Through offering better bargains, the companies are robbing Apple off its talented employees. As Apple is busy concentrating on share buybacks other big names within the same business line are busy tapping talent from Apple.
In another article in Bersin by Deloitte ,in the year 2012 by Brenda Kowske, another factor that has placed Apple’s human resource management between a rock and hard place is the fact that the company strives to motivate their employees extrinsically by giving them salary increases and other forms of motivation tied to finances. Now that the company is experiencing a huge financial crisis, the finances allocated to motivation of employees are going and subsequently this will lower the motivation levels among employees. Reduced levels of extrinsic motivation offered by the company makes an employee to feel that his or her worth within the company has diminished. For instance, if an employee was given huge financial incentives a year ago, how does the employee feel when the incentives go down this year? Does it mean that the employee was better a year ago than he/she is this year? These questions place an employee in a dilemma as to whether her worth within the company is depreciating. The result of this is de-motivation and as a result, employees begin to look for alternatives....

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