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Human Resources Management Essay

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Level 5
BTEC Higher Nationals

Human Resource Management (HRM)



Date for Submission: 30th May 2011

Prepared by: Levenia I. Ferguson

Title Page


Task 1 Human Resource Management Approach
1a Distinguish between ‘Personnel Management’
And ‘Human Resource Management Approaches

Outline the advantages and disadvantages
of each approach

1b Identify which of the Approaches (HRM or
Personnel Management) your chosen
organization currently adopts

Discuss how the ...view middle of the document...

Identify in what areas the policy can be improved particularly with reference to the redundancy selection criteria and alternatives to redundancy




The purpose of this assignment is to provide an understanding of the traditional view of Personnel Management and the changes that led to the more modern term of Human Resource Management. It also includes the differences and similarities between Human Resources Management and Personnel Management along with the functions of Human Resources Management.

This assignment gives information of the procedures and practices used to recruit and select employees for the positions within an organization. It explains how these employees are monitored and rewarded; explores their rights and procedures on how and why employees can exit from the organization.

“Personnel Management is basically concerned with hiring the right type of people as and when required; and improving the performance of the existing people to make them more effective on the job” (Garavan, T. N., Costine, P and Heraty, N., 1995).

Task 1 – Human Resource Management Approach

1a) Distinguish between ‘Personnel Management’ and ‘Human Resource Management’ approaches, outlining the advantages and disadvantages of each approach.

Before we can distinguish between Personnel Management and
Human Resource Management Approaches; we must first determine:
a) What is Personnel Management
b) The Traditional View of Personnel Management and
c) What is Human Resources Management

Personnel Management
“Personnel Management was all about handling collective relationships with employees and their representatives” (Cole, G. A., 2002:4). It is the recruiting, screening, hiring, managing and attending to employees; and when they are no longer needed then these employees are dismissed, retired or compensated (Pieper, R. 1990).

The Traditional View of Personnel Management
In the 1990, a great number of persons were working in factories in the United States. However, managements had to find ways to control and deploy labor. Rules, regulations and jobs were decided by the Personnel Management and which had to be carried out by the employees (Sheldrake, J. 2003), whose function was primarily involved in record keeping of employee’s information” (Kavanagh, M.J., Thite, M.2008:7).

Because managements were in charge of the business and employment, the workers were dealt with in unfair manners (Kavanagh, M.J., Thite, M. 2008). Employees worked in deplorable and unsatisfactory conditions; being forced to increase production while working less hours. Because of these conditions Unions such as The Industrial, Welfare, Control of Labour and the Professional Tradition Unions were being formed to act as mediator between Management and employees (RDI Module 8).

The Personnel Management responsibilities have undergone many changes since...

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