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Human Resources Management (Hrm) Essay

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Human Resource Management (HRM)
BUS303: Human Resources Management
Instructor: Conni Whitten
September 7, 2014

Throughout history Human resource management (HRM) has had many very different job descriptions. The main purpose for Human resource management is managing people within an organization with a very thorough and structured process. HRM, complex as it is, is constantly evolving with the ever changing times every businesses faces. “The goal of HRM is to maximize the productivity of an organization by optimizing the effectiveness of its employees while simultaneously improving the work life of employees and treating employees as valuable resources,” ...view middle of the document...

“The strategic HR planning process includes environmental scanning, labor market analysis and forecasting, internal analysis and forecasting, gap analysis, developing HR plans and strategies, and HR strategy implementation and assessment.” (Youssef, C.2012, chapter 2).
The Human Resource Department is responsible for the management of people, hiring of staff and setting day to day goals. If this is not done in an organized fashion, the organization as a whole could fail but if done correctly the organization will be in a position to fulfil all of its goals. Recruiting employees is an essential role of the HR department. To do this properly and effectively an evaluation of the abilities and competency of a hopeful employee will be compared to the organization’s needs. To assist with this a complete job analysis can be created in order to identify and determine the specific job duties and requirements for a given position.
Organizational effectiveness ultimately begins with an alignment of the organization's workforce and business goals. “Clearly identifying workforce strengths, gaps and prioritization levels to support the assessment, prioritization and planning by new HR and/or business Leaders, optimally aligning employee capabilities with business needs, change management, mergers and acquisitions and organizational restructuring,” according to Human Resources Alignment. The importance of any businesses strategic alignment is for the HR department to invest in the employee, evaluate the number of employees needed and the skills needed for each position, and choosing the right person for that position. “Staffing includes recruiting and selecting the right employees and then placing them in jobs that fit their personalities, capabilities, and future potential,” (Youssef, C.2012, chapter 1.4).
Another function of the HR department is the compensation and benefits strategy. When a company is looking to attract quality employees they must offer good compensation and benefits in order to be competitive with other organizations. There are many businesses that do not utilize this tool rendering them behind the game on recruiting. A good benefit package can include medical, dental, vision and disability coverage, 401(k) plans, and flexible savings and health savings accounts. “Effective compensation packages can increase retention rates by boosting employee satisfaction. This boost can also have a positive impact on employee loyalty, and thus increase the firm's stability and security (Handy, 1999).” (Youssef, C.2012, chapter 1.4).
The last function listed above is the arranging of cultural change which is described as “the values and behaviors that contribute to the unique social and psychological environment of an organization,” according to the business dictionary. Organizational culture can affect every aspect of any given organization. It can increase and or decrease productivity and performance of the organization. “Organizational...

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