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Human Resources Paper

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HRM 531: Performance and Career Management
Trevor J. Norlock
University of Phoenix

HRM 531: Performance and Career Management
To help manage performance at InterClean, it is important that feedback from employees is received and recorded in the employees file in regards to that individual’s production and the company’s training process. Feedback will be received in an open forum modality during the weekly the production meetings which is ran by Tom Gonzales and with the assistance of Eric Borden. Eric Borden will record the meetings “minutes’ which is an outline of what is covered in the meeting. This will ...view middle of the document...

Employees will be aided in reaching a higher level of performance by utilizing the information offered in the weekly performance meetings and applying it to their sales. It has been assessed that when individuals are given the tools to succeed they will naturally want to better themselves in order to meet their personal performance standard outlined upon their hire. If struggles arise, they will be noted by Tom Gonzales and myself in a weekly observation of production at work and by review of their weekly performance log. If it is noticed that an employee is not meeting the performance standard, then they may be paired to “shadow” another employee who is exceeding the performance standard. Shadowing is the act of an employee observing another for an extended period of time, usually for no more than two hours. In this shadowing exercise, the employee observing will listen to sales calls, take notes of organization and may ask questions of how the “top performer” is finding success. The shadowing exercise will be done once a day for as long as the sales manager deems necessary.
An employee is eligible for a promotion at the beginning of every quarter and will be assessed during his/her performance review. The growth of the sales team will dictate the promotions available. As the team grows to twenty members, two outside sales representatives will be promoted to sales managers. The team of twenty will then be divided into two teams of ten. At this time, the original sales managers will be eligible for promotion to director of sales. When the sales team reaches fifty members, there will be five sales managers and one sales manager will be eligible for promotion to director of sales. At this time, an existing director of sales will be eligible for promotion to vice president of sales. A superior officer will be in charge of the...

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