Human Resources Planning And Employee Relations

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Human Resources Planning and Employee Relations

The golden rule of “treat others as you would like to be treated” has an important role in managing how organizations deal with employee relations. Most employees just want to be treated fair, honestly and in straightforward manner. When employees are unhappy, feel mistreated, lied to, manipulated or used by their employers is when they sue and this is when having the correct documentation comes into play. Motivated and happy employees will make the organization grow and succeed. ...view middle of the document...

The necessity for effective record keeping can also be for the organization to implement policies and procedures for training, promotions, and dismissals. Some of the required documents that have to be kept are required by law and to provide statistics in order to develop unbiased policies on sex, race, age, or disability so that an objective employee handbook can be produced. Accurate employee records can help ensure that employees receive the correct pay and benefits. The records can be used to maintain fair and consistent treatment to help decide promotions and discipline actions (ACAS, 2005, pg. 2).
If ineffective employee record keeping is practiced then without any documentation of any kind, Fallon and Mcconnell (2007) state “than an important matter, issue, or event is considered never to have occurred” (p. 297). Every piece of paper ever written about an employee is important in resolving a potential legal complaint against the organization. Most legal complaints deal with discrimination charges and violations of the Civil Rights Act and if requested if the documents cannot be produced it is assumed the organization is at fault (Fallon & Mcconnell, 2007, p. 300). The Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and the Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) requires that certain types of documents be kept so that they can be reviewed during periodical reviews. If these records are not maintained the organization can face fines or lose its accreditation (Fallon & Mcconnell, 2007, p. 301).
Documents to Keep in an Employee File
Maintaining an employee file is important, but there are certain types of documents that are formal and informal that needs to be kept in each file.
An example of a formal document is a signed employee handbook receipt. This is evidence that the employee received and read the handbook. This is proof that the employee received and read the handbook. This is kept to protect the employer in a situation where the employee denies knowledge of a certain rule or policy as an excuse for a violation (Fallon & Mcconnell, 2007, p.301).
An example of an informal document that would be kept in an employee file is one that the employee’s department manager would keep in their own files. These can be performance appraisals or behavior problems write-ups. Keeping these documents protects the employer by allowing them to be proactive in preventing problems from becoming worse over time and the employer can refer the employee to an EAP program if needed (UVA Health System, 2013, para.12).
Factors that Ensure Effective Termination
There are many significant factors that will ensure an effective legal termination but the most important is to document everything that is...

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