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Human Resourse Management Case Essay

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1/10/2014 |
ANISH JAIN | 2013PGP163 |

The model of Flexible Firm was proposed by John Atkinson which suggests that we can design our workforces to proactively meet our business needs through flexible staffing arrangements in order to meet the demands of a highly competitive market and attain its strategic aims and goals. The five environmental factors that explain this sort of work orientation are-
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The flexible firm model

* Business would employ core workers for full time providing employment stability and handsome pay. The core workers would be trained to be functionally flexible and link their remuneration with the individual and business performance.
* Peripheral workers would be casually employed who will be completely flexible according to the variable labour requirement during different time periods. They would be insecure, low paid and casualized.
Problem Description

LeisureCo is a themed entertainment complex, less than ten years old with a high year round fixed overhead and a short season. LeisureCo approaches attracts a majority of its customers during the months of June to September, but even during this month attendance fluctuates greatly, peaking during holidays and weekends.

The front end employees are expected to
* Technical tasks such operate themed rides
* Man retail outlets (shop and catering assistant roles in souvenir shops and fast food outlets)
* Entertain the customers dressing up in themed outfits
The short season means that LeisureCo maintains a seasonal workforce of 500 frontline workers through the season, composed mainly of students. Very few of these stay the entire season, leaving after a few weeks and most never return the next season.

In addition to a seasonal workforce LeisureCo must also cope with requirements of flexibility where the workers must be able to perform a wide variety of jobs according to daily requirements of the park.

The combination of these two factors means that
* Workers must be recruited constantly
* Trained rapidly to perform in a number of roles
How does LeisureCo achieve this while maintaining satisfactory levels of customer care?
* It leverages the youthful fun and enthusiasm of the students it employs to maintain at atmosphere of good cheer
* Organizes the seasonal staff under permanent employees (permanent management and permanent non management employees as well) and regular older seasonal staff

LeisureCO’s desire to maintain standards in customer care despite a very transient workforce led it to execute Employee Involvement measures such as:

* Two small scale incentive schemes for seasonal staff rewarding merit and loyalty
* Growth in importance of staff social committee
* Prominence of notice boards
* Emphasis on strengthening the team building systems and improve recruiting and training through site and personnel managers

The objectives the company hoped to achieve certain objectives through these EI measures:
* Reduce labor turnover by holding staff throughout the season
* Create a more mature group in the regional workforce by recruiting local married women and encouraging returnees
* Enhance employee flexibility
Overall LeisureCo attempts to hit a middle ground in the dichotomy of putting an emphasis on its...

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