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In many countries there are human rights abuses which keep people from doing things that they which to do child abuse is one of the most important form of human rights. Unlike the United States, where people has freedom of speech, freedom of religion ect also in the United States every child deserve the right to have an education, but in India its not so, poor children in India begin working at a very young and tender age when they are suppose to be in school getting a education, which every child deserves to get. Many children have to work to help their families and some families expect their children to continue the family business at a young age instead of going to school. One of this ...view middle of the document...

Most poor families in India sources of income are close to non-existent. There are no social welfare systems such as those in the West, nor is there easy access to loans. Sometimes when the children goes to work their managers give them less money than they are suppose to get. In India the research also states that it is essential for children to work in this country.
Also in the work place children are also injured, they suffer from injuries such as the machines and from sharp threads. These children also get injured by, smoke, diesel fumes from the machines, which cause respiratory ailments such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.
This countries is very policies are way different from the policies in the United States in that in the United States children are required to go to school, this is a law. Unlike in India the children have to go to work instead of going to school. I personality believe that this is unfair, even though life is not fair, children need to go to school and got a good education. This situation would be much better if children could have some schooling after the jobs, which are part-time, they could have been better trained in self-reliance, courage, discretion and responsible citizenship. Don’t get me wrong there are schools in India but they are very discriminated, its like if the children are not rich they will be laughed at by the upper castes.
Either way it is put children would still not able to attend school because the children of poor families would have to raise their siblings when the parents are away at work. This country would also need day care centers to put babies in when their parents are at work so that the older children could go to school. From immersion in scalding water and handling dead worms, reelers' hands become raw, blistered, and sometimes infected
These children need the government to help them by providing rights, which will protect them from child labor, laws that will keep them in school so that they will get a good education. According to research the policy of the government is to ban employment of children below the age of fourteen years in factories, mines and hazardous employment and to regulate the working conditions of children in other employment. The Child Labor Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986 seeks to achieve this basic objective, but somewhat these laws was never approved, if they were approved then children would be able to attend school more than working. This law states that children under fourteen years of age could not...

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