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Human Rights in ChinaChina is a communist country. Communism came about in China in 1949. Because of the communism, authoritarian rule has been regular, and the government has been exhibiting its control over politics. People that speak out against the government and some journalists have been imprisoned. There are tight regulations on religion as well as the press. Because of the control by the Chinese government, many people protested for more freedoms and rights. These protests are known as the Tiananmen Square protests. The protests came to a violent end by the Chinese military, and many effects came from the protests. Many people were killed by the military. Foreign media was banned for ...view middle of the document...

Some benefits the urban workers have that the rural workers do not have are a chance to qualify for grain rations, employer-provided housing, or health care. This system is slowly fading in China (2).One of the main human rights violations in China is the freedom of religion. The 1982 Chinese constitution guarantees its citizens the right to believe in any religion. The constitution does not guarantee the right to practice the religion of choice as the United States and many other countries allow. All religious groups in China have to be registered in the government. The Communist Government also has tight controls on religious leaders. Some religious leaders are chosen by the government officials themselves. The control of religious leaders is to prevent the religious group from conflicting with China's politics. Religions started outside the country of China are watched and controlled with extra care in China. Monasteries in Tibet have been reported to have surveillance cameras on the premises. The Chinese government has also restricts the number of monks, forces the recitation of patriotic scripts that supported China, and restricts children under the age of eighteen from studying religious materials (2).Religious freedom is one thing that Tibet is talking with the Chinese government about. These talks have been taking place within the last year. Tibet is under the control of the Chinese government. Tibet's leader, the Dalai Lama, is seeking freedoms for Tibetans such as the freedom to practice their culture, language, and religion. The Chinese government does not want to grant these freedoms to Tibetans, and they claim that the Dalai Lama is trying to make Tibet an independent state, separate from China (3). In 1959, Tibet tried to become an independent state from China but failed. More riots have broken out in Tibet. The Chinese government blames the Dalai Lama for these riots, but the Dalai Lama has denied the claims.China also has some unusual human rights issues that not many other countries have to deal with. The population is so high in China that the government has issued a One-Child Policy for every couple in China. Many people think that the One-Child Policy is a human rights violation and that it is morally wrong. The One-Child Policy is also bringing other unexpected problems to China. Some of these problems are a high abortion rate, a high abandonment rate, a high female infant death rate, and sex selective abortions. These problems are said to be illegal in China, but the laws do not stop them from occurring (1).Another human rights issue in China that the United States has in common is capital punishment. Between 1994 and 1999 China was ranked seventh in executions per capita. A senior member of the National People's Congress announced that China executes about ten-thousand people per year. Sixty-eight crimes are punishable by death in China and include embezzlement and tax fraud. The harsh punishment for a common crime is what...

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