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Human Services Essay

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Human Services

Human service workers and human service assistants play a variety of roles in the medical field to include social workers, social service assistants, case managers, case manager assistants, alcohol drug abuse counselors, mental health aides, community outreach workers, life skill counselors and gerontology aides. All of these positions require a unique person who is dedicated to helping others with flexibility and high ethical standards. The human service area that I plan to concentrate on is a social service assistant and life skill counselor. I would work with clients with a variety of challenges to help them to be self sufficient and confident, to the best of their ...view middle of the document...

I am available to assist my clients with transportation, emotional support and moral support. I keep very detailed records on all of my clients and send progress reports to my supervisors so that I can continue to get assistance for them until they reach their goals for themselves and family members. I go to their homes and daycares to visit with them and get a true feel for the rate of progress that they are making. My position requires me to assist my clients with counseling. Many females are victims of domestic violence or have partners who have substance abuse problems. Some of the single parents suffer from substance or alcohol addiction. It is my responsibility to be supportive by aiding in transportation to AA meetings and family counseling. I work long hours and many weekends. In times of crisis, I am available for emotional and moral support. I connect them with a variety of counselors to help them to work through new problems that may arise or past problems that were never dealt with that inhibits their ability to grow as an individual.

I am able to deal with clients easier than some because I have dealt with some of the same problems that they currently dealing with in my personal life. I grew up as an abused child. I wasn’t cared for properly and not provided the basic needs that children require. I was neglected and physically and emotionally abused. This insight allows me to have empathy for clients and to the desire to help them to break the cycle of abuse. I knew from a very early age that my family life was less than normal and that parents were not supposed to hurt their children. I would hide after beating and doctor myself and pray for God to help me. In would promise him that I would not hurt my children when I grew up. I feel that all abused children know that they aren’t being treated properly and yearn for a normal family life. Living the life that I lived as a child makes me an advocate for individuals who can’t protect themselves. I care more and try harder because I have felt some of the same emotions that they describe and I can identify with the embarrassment and shame that they describe. Victims maintain silence and protect their abusers out of fear. They go to school or work and pretend to be happy and carefree in hopes that no one learns of the horrible life they live behind closed doors. Since I have been this person, I can identify the signs easier than others and confront the victims and seek proper help for them. I also know first hand how important is to break the cycle of abuse through counseling and the trauma associated with abuse. I made the mistake of marrying a man like my parents and being a victim of domestic violence. I sought extensive counseling for myself and children. We lived through physical and emotional abuse and learned how to become strong and independent individuals. Victims have to regain their strength with improved self esteem and confidence so that they do not continue to make...

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