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Human Sexuality Essay

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Sexual Addiction

Amber Meyers

Human Sexuality

American Public University
Professor Diane Lewis

Sexual Addiction

Sexual Addiction is a controversial issue for many people. Some professionals swear that sexual addiction does not exist, and if it did, it should be a positive thing, not a negative. While other professionals argue sexual addiction is a real problem today, and must be recognized, studied, and treated. The first article I have studied regarding sexual addiction was a case study done by Patrick Carnes PhD.
Dr. Carnes surveyed over 600 sexually addicted individuals currently receiving treatment or have recently completed treatment for sexual addiction ...view middle of the document...

Overall this article and Dr. Carnes study was basically to help treat sexual addiction in the future. This article also did a fairly good job at giving the readers and understanding that sexual addiction takes years to recover, most people are living normal lives three years after the beginning of treatment (anonymous 1988). Although sexual addiction happens mostly in people with some form of childhood abuse it occurs in educated normal everyday people too.
The second article I found pertaining to sexual addiction was found in USA Today, by Marco R. Della Cava. This article firmly states that due to society, “we” use things such as drinking and sex for solutions to everyday stress and anxiety (Della Cava 1989). Dr. Carnes also stated in this article too, “We are a very addictive culture” (Della Cava 1989). These statements in my opinion as the reader, suggests sexual addiction occurs because sex is so popular in the media.
This article describes the general characteristic of a sex addict. It also states a few statistics about typical sex offenders, but doesn’t state how the study was conducted in order to conclude the findings. It was interesting however to learn that even women are becoming more common to have sexual addiction. The article described one woman’s experience with her own addiction, “I lived two lives, for ten years I managed to be a wife and mother, and also have liaisons with people three or four times a week. My husband had no idea” (Dell Cava 1989).
This article also describes other professional’s views of sexual addiction. Some of the other people mentioned in this article do not believe sexual addiction exists, and if it does, in other countries it may be considered healthy (Dell Cava 1989). I found it interesting to be able to hear all points of view regarding sexual addiction. In this article they stated opinion of professionals’ believing in sexual addiction or disagreeing with it, while also stating some victims’ opinions of sexual addiction.
This article in my opinion did a good job at relaying information about sexual addiction from all sides of sexual addiction; the side that agrees it is a problem, the side that doesn’t see it as a problem, and the people that suffer from sexual addiction. One of the most interesting points I thought was stated by Ed Armstrong, “We chose to call it addiction because it implies an unmanageable condition” (Dell Cava 1989). So in my opinion as the reader, he believes it is only a problem because people don’t know how to manage it.
Overall, both articles described people with sexual addiction being everyday educated people with troubled childhoods.
42 percent earned more than $30,000 a year, 58 percent were college graduates, equally revealing: as children 74 percent had been sexually abused, 91 percent emotionally abused (Della Cava 1989).
Dr. Carnes article revealed that, “83 percent of people surveyed reported being sexually abused as children, with 73...

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