Human Trafficking Essay

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Human Trafficking

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Throughout the many years society has been more aware of human trafficking and the dangers that go along with this illegal act. Not only are people aware of human trafficking but organizations are also coming up with ways to prevent human trafficking and eliminate the increasing rate of abduction ever year. Human trafficking needs to be demolished now before things get worse.
Human Trafficking

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Action must be taken towards eliminating human trafficking before it is too late.
Opposing views may be that this issue is so unheard of that trying to change it would be pointless. Majority of contradicters would rather not help in the process of bringing an end to this terror because they are too afraid of getting involved with the wrong people. Considering that the only way to make a difference is to educate others around us about what is going on, like I am doing today. Human trafficking has been going on across the globe for years now. The best way to inform others about this underground industry is to tell them ourselves. Yes, plenty of dangerous people control these industries but with the right amount of integrity we still need to be able to bring justice to these people who are selling and auctioning children off with no remorse. If we sit around and do nothing, nothing positive will ever take effect. Doing nothing to make a difference will only increase the large number of children being abducted every day. Finding opposing views against human trafficking is rare, most people are all for eliminating human trafficking but no one is brave enough to take a stand and do something about the corrupt industry.
Unsurprisingly, in today’s society children who were trafficked at a young age form a large percentage of the drug abuse, mental health problems, prostitution rates, and crime rates. These children are slaves in a new era, according to approximately 80% of trafficking involves sexual exploitation, and 19% involves labor exploitation. Meaning that right now today, 2 of 3 kids are being beat, punished and raped just for this industry to make money. There is another current issue in our society from human trafficking; labor exploitation. We are fueling the penalties given to these young children, with our high demand of crops and cotton for clothing.  With the demand of crops and cotton increasing the need for human slaves have increased as well. Not only is the trafficking industry aducting children to be bought and auctioned these pimps are forcing them to cotton fields and crop farmers to do hardcore labor for much less than minimum wage. Free!
The reason behind my position is to inform people of the dangers and growing rates of human trafficking in our country and nationwide. By appealing to emotions I will effectively be able to connect with you as reader. Politics and geographic will help you visualize and understand the seriousness of the trafficking system.
First of all, the political stand on this topic could be a whole lot stronger and more tactful than it is. Many documents and accredited people have spoken up about the “modern era slavery”, but have done nothing to fix it. In the constitution it proclaims that everyone has equal freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petitioning of the government. Even Barrack Obama said, “From every corner of our nation to every...

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