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Humanities Essay

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Jazmen Sears

Some major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century were print media which contained newspapers and magazines. Also broadcast media such as radio, video games, computers radios, high definition televisions, and film. Most importantly media convergence which is the merging of content through different media types allowed these sources to be available in many different outlets. Media convergence gave people the option to be more freely online or offline such as video games.
One major development under media convergence was and still is books; books became available through many sources rather than just hard-copy. With books ...view middle of the document...

To stay connected and more active in society, social networks were invented. Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, AOL Chat, and etc. are several sources of social networks designed just for different ways of communication. These all derived from the world wide known source known as the Internet.
The internet specifically allowed people to surf, investigate, and research anything on their own. With the internet capability more people were more connected with friends, family and their jobs. The radio also was one of the biggest and better media developments because over the years information was available via satellite radio in cars all over the world. This access gave people a close connection with channels of their choice, such as news, sports, and talk shows. Televisions became smarter and better along with cellular phones, which carried almost the same capability. Phones gave individuals the access to connect worldwide without calling cards, and it also allowed some to use free applications for cheaper and un-costly communication.
In addition to giving people news and information programming, television has allowed Americans insight into the political process and has actually become part of the process. For example during the election of President Richard Nixon which was one of the most programs in history; people all over the world were tuned in. Also with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech delivered 28 August 1963, at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C (Nobel Media, 2013) which; was also one of the most watched programs, thousands of viewers tuned in who couldn’t actually be on site for his speech. With all these different events that took place that affected the world even until today, there was a slim chance someone missed out on the world wide events. Even today the television is the most watch resource and...

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