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Humanities Paper

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Phillip Musin
Reflection Paper #2

For this week’s reflection paper we were asked to watch a queer film, I have been

watching a show called “Queer as Folk,” and thought that I would do my paper on this

show because throughout the few seasons of the show the actors have portrayed multiple

issues that the queer community faces all the time. I have been watching the show for a

few months on Netflix now, and had about 12 episodes left to watch to finish the show in

it’s entirety. I used this assignment as an excuse to finish the last season of the show.

One of the main reasons that I chose to write this paper on “Queer as Folk,” is because

since there are so ...view middle of the document...

For example, who would have thought that a woman like Rosa

Parks who decided not to move to the back of the bus to stand up for equal rights would

have caused the world wide impact that she did? Regardless of how small you think an

issue is, or if you feel like nothing you do can make a change, it is important to

understand that even if you can’t fix whatever issue you have by having just one protest

or demonstration, or writing just one letter to a person that has more power and influence

than you to see if they can help you make a difference, that anything that you can do to

try and make something better is worth doing, and could have a much greater impact than

you even thought possible. Another reason I chose to do this paper on “Queer as Folk”

was to talk about things that I have learned from watching the show. One thing that I

learned and was very surprised about, was that gay men often battle with drug abuse,

primarily crystal meth. One of the main characters Ted, had become friends with a young

man who was a drug addict and got him to try crystal meth the first time that they met,

Ted’s first experience with this drug ended up putting him in a coma. Further in the

season Ted gets reintroduced to meth and ends up going down a dark path of addiction. It

wasn’t until after I did some research that I found out that Ted’s story is very common in

the gay community. Gay men often try crystal meth or “Tina” with a sexual partner or

friend every once in a while, and this occasional use can eventually lead to more frequent

use. One article I read explained why crystal meth abuse is so prevalent in the gay

community, it stated that the drug lowers inhibitions for the men that use it, and also

keeps the user awake and energized for a long period of time. The topic of drug abuse

brings up the another issue that is prevalent in the gay community, sexually transmitted...

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