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Humanities Today Essay

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Humanities Today Paper
University of Phoenix
HUM 102
February 25, 2008
Marian Wray
 Humanities Today Paper
Humanities can be defined as academic disciplines that study the human condition, using methods that are analytic, critical and speculative, as distinguished from the empirical approaches of the natural and social sciences. Philosophy, religion, literature, history, ancient and modern languages, visual and performing arts are all examples of disciplines related to humanities. Although often regarded as social sciences, anthropology, cultural studies, area studies and communications are all subjects that are sometimes included in the humanities.
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Museums and other institute showcase artist to the public at a cost. In the world of technology, art has had a significant effect on not only technology itself but the economy as well. Not long ago cartoon artist hand drawn animated cartoons. Cartoons have always been a big with children but with more recent animated features, adults have become more interested in these features than their children. Cartoon artist have almost become extinct as the computer generation has evolved the animation industry into a billion dollar a year business.
In the early 1950s and 60s, music began to have a political influence. Artist began to express their perspective on political issues and events. The political awareness of these artists also affected the economy by increased record sales. This was also evident during the early years of hip-hop. Hip-hop artist’s voice was so strong in the early 1990s that many artist records were banned from being sold in the United States. Although the records were banned from being sold, hip-hop artist gain more and more...

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