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This essay will examine The Hunger Games trailer using the Storytelling Method and the Gender and Sexuality Method, as well as incorporate an outside source that helps further the discussion of Katniss’s character as a challenge to typical hegemonies and ideologies. (don’t use plural here) This is a fine preview. Can you add a sentence that indicates anything more about what you found in your evaluation?
The Hunger Games trailer begins with Katniss Everdeen sneaking through the barbed-wire fences that gate in her town. She runs off to meet her handsome guy friend, Gale, (so he may be handsome and a “guy” but this is a bit informal. Handsome is subjective, right? So we would probably want ...view middle of the document...

The subject seems to portray war. Although the trailer covers many topics, the overall point is the Hunger Games where Katniss has to go to war against others. Throughout the trailer, Katniss struggles with being refined (defined?) by the people in power and she has to deal with things the way her society tells her to, so the conflict can be described as character vs. society. The master plot of the Hunger Games trailer is clearly rivalry. Not only are all of the characters battling each other for their own lives, but they are also all up against the leaders and creators of the Hunger Games. The trailer shows the conflicts between all of the tributes, and the conflicts the tributes (especially Katniss) have with the creators. The tone that the trailer gives off is somewhat dark. It shows the hardships these tributes have as they have to leave their families and fight to the death against other children with a 1 in 24 chance of surviving. The mood, though, is somewhat hopeful. As it follows Katniss specifically, the trailer gives the audience hope that she will win and be able to return home to her family and friends. The point of view demonstrated is the third person. All of the images and clips showed are from an outside perspective and it is not being narrated by anyone in the trailer. (great job with the preferred reading and narrative elements!)
The main character and protagonist of this trailer is Katniss Everdeen. She is the main focus of the whole clip and it is specifically following her adventure to the Hunger Games. The antagonist represented is the Capitol. (I agree, but what about the other tributes in the games? She has to kill them all to survive, and they are opposing her…?) They are the ones who are forcing children to be a part of the hunger games and are doing it to make sure they stay in power, and ensure that no other districts try to rebel or rise up against them. A foil character that is represented in the trailer is Peeta Mellark. He is the boy (male?) tribute who is from the same district as Katniss and has to be a part of the hunger games too. Other foil characters could be Katniss’s sister Primrose, and her friend Gale. (I would not identify these as foils) Some of the minor characters include most of the other children competing in the hunger games, Essie- the woman who announces Katniss and Peeta as tributes, and the men in white suits from the capitol that are there to monitor the whole thing.
An example of intertextuality that is represented in the trailer is an indirect allusion. When viewing the trailer one might be reminded of the book/movie Lord of The Flies. Both stories involve children battling others to the point of death. The hunger games trailer represents a sort of nod back to Lord of the Flies as they both signify a horrifying experience that a group of children have to go to. It is a disturbing process where many end up dead on account of the other children. ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF INTERTEXTUALITY. (That’s...

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