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A great dog always accompanies a good hunter. It gets tricky deciding what type of dog to get and train for your hunting. While it largely depends on the amount of time you’re willing to invest into it breeds also play a key role. Certain dogs are breed for and have genes that make them better in certain hunting roles. While most dog breeds are possible to train for any specific purpose, I’ll discuss 4 to 5 from the retrieving class, flushing class, and pointing class. A retrieving dog may be a Labrador retriever, your flushing dog may be a Springer Spaniel, and your pointer may be a German Shorthair. This is not to say that any of these dogs can’t do the task of the others, it would ...view middle of the document...

They’re so popular because you can hunt with them fast and they learn quickly. They have a very easy to maintain coat that has 2 different layers. This layer keeps them from getting weighed down by water, too dirty, or collecting burrs. With a dog that’s so easy to maintain you don’t have to clean up or groom it after every day of hunting.
The Chesapeake Bay retriever is like the Labrador but larger and more aggressive. They’re great for retrieving larger birds like geese or for retrieving in icy frigid water. This is one of the few breeds that developed in North America. It’s a very possessive dog that is scrappy and independent. They have large hind legs and thick tail to help propel them through the water. There are a lot more different colors in this breed including tan, a bright light red, a deep chestnut, brown, chocolate, and a light straw color. The purpose of the coat is even more important. The outer layer is less than 2 inches; heavy, and wavy everywhere except the face and legs. They’re a hardy dog that can hunt for you consistently and do things that would literally kill other dogs. It’s regarded as the finest water dog in the world due to its abilities. They can retrieve large geese that would hurt smaller retrievers. They can be a difficult dog to train but most trainers say that the training should take place over a long period of time by the hunter instead of multiple short sessions with a professional.
Another breed of retrievers is the Golden Retriever. They’re about the same size as a Labrador but they aren’t as rugged. They are however one of the best all-around hunting dogs. They may not be able to brave harsh conditions in the water like a Chesapeake but can outwork both the lab and the Chesapeake in the fields. They may take longer to train, but they tend to stick to their lessons better than most. They’re a great first dog to train because they don’t require much aggression and are great with other people and dogs.
The flat-coated retriever is a less common breed. They are a bit taller and skinnier than the others and usually are black but occasionally are a liver color. Their coat is longer and softer than labs but less abundant when compared to a golden. They have a coat that is resistant to weather and is pretty good at defending from burs and thorns. They are an obedient breed that requires attention and affection from its family. William Brown stated, “I know of no better dog with children” (Fergus 84). Its scarceness is both an advantage and disadvantage. They may be difficult to find a litter, but the breed itself has never suffered a loss of quality thanks to its rarity. The lab and golden are bred a lot for a high demand sometimes resulting in loss of quality.
The Curly Coated Retriever has a bad rap among some hunters. They may have heard from older sources that they have a high maintenance coat but on the contrary the coat is a...

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