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Hunting: Principles, Family And How To Obtain A Licence

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If you are interested in hunting, there are procedures you have to follow to become a legal hunter. The first thing you need to do is take a hunting safety course. You can find them online. Some places offer them for free, others you have to pay for. You then pick a place, sign up and time to take the course.
The class that I took was for a couple a nights a week and one full Saturday. After you have completed the class, you need to pass a test. During the class you will learn the 10 commandments of hunting. These are the most important. They are as follows. 1)Treat every gun as if it is loaded. 2)Watch the muzzle. Always be able to control it. 3)Be sure of what you are shooting and look ...view middle of the document...

The next is the sling carry. It is used when you are standing doing something with your hands. Then there is the elbow side carry. The gun is tucked under your armpit and over the arm in front of your elbow. You use this on level land or when people are behind you. The cradle carry is next. One hand is on the grip and the gun is cradled in the bend of the elbow. Never use this carry when there is someone hunting beside you. The trail carry is the 5th way to carry. The gun is held firmly with one hand at the balance point. Never use this carry if someone is ahead of you. The last is a shoulder carry. One hand holds the grip of the gun and the rest of the gun rests on the shoulder. If someone is behind you never use this gun carry. Also do not use this gun carry if you are walking on really rough paths.
In the course, you will learn how to load and unload guns safely. You will also learn how to “dress your kill”. This means how you would gut and skin your kill. It also teaches you how not to let your meat spoil and not to leave anything behind that would pollute the area. This is done for health reasons. A good hunter shows respect for himself, the land, and the animal he is hunting. A hunter will not waste any of the meat from the animal. There will be a lot of others things you will learn and need to remember from this course.
We also learned we need to know what weather we are hunting in. The temperature is really a big deal. You always need to dress in layers. You can always take something off if you are warm, but you cannot add layers if you do not bring them with you. You must avoid cotton products. The clothes you need to wear are fast drying materials. Also, you should always wear a hat to keep heat from escaping from your head. The first layer you should have on is your long underwear, then shirt and pants. A good pair of socks. Last is your jacket and boots. They should also be waterproof. Hypothermia is a killer, and can be prevented.
We also learned about first aid. There are many thing that you should have in a survival kit. You should have a pocket knife, compass, whistle, matches in something waterproof, a 2nd fire making product, a fire starter, soap, water cleaning pills, any medication you take, 1st aid kit, drink container, nylon cord, glasses if you wear them, and sunglasses. You need to know about and how to make fires and shelters. You also need to know signals so you could be rescued if needed.
There are 7 survival rules. 1)Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back. 2)Never hunt by yourself. 3)Have enough food for at least 3 days. 4)Have at least 2 compasses and a map. 5)Wear the right clothing and have the right gear for where you are hunting. 6)Plan so you can be back to camp or truck before dark. 7)Know how to make a fire.
You need to know where you are hunting. Always have a map of the area and know how to use it. Also, you should definitely know how to use a compass, and always know...

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