Hydroponics Marketing Strategy Essay

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Sow Easy Marketing Plan
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Table of Contents
Executive Summary iii
1. Introduction 1
2. Environmental analysis of Sow Easy 1
2.1 Current and future market situation 1
3. Sow Easy objectives 5
4. Evaluation of strategic options 5
4.1 Generate Strategic Alternatives 5
4.2 Evaluation of strategic options 6
5. Development of positioning strategy 7
5.1 3 C’s 7
5.2 Branding strategy- Marketing Mix Strategies 7
6. Rationale behind marketing plan 9
References 10
Appendices 11
Appendix A 11
Appendix B 12

Executive Summary
This report is based on a miniature greenhouse named as “Sow Easy”. It is a new innovative ...view middle of the document...

This product is at initial stage and it is in market entry stage, where there are numbers of existing competitors. There are many substitutes and complimentary products in the market which helps in effective planting of the seeds to gain an efficient growth of the seeds. This product has a strong market as there are plant lovers who buy expensive products for the well being of their plants. A miniature greenhouse is a low cost effective product which provides high quality at low cost. This high quality low cost is an attribute of this product which is a competitive advantage of Sow Easy. A detailed marketing plan is formulated for Sow Easy that will help the owner to successfully market the new product in the market.
2. Environmental analysis of Sow Easy
2.1 Current and future market situation
(a) Current industry structure
1. Porter’s 5 Forces analysis
Porter’s five forces model is an external analysis model. It includes five forces; threat of substitute, threat of entrant, buying power of buyer, buying power of supplier, and rivalry (see Appendix A). A substitute product is a threat for the product because it fulfills the demand of the customers (Henry, 2008). However, there is no threat of substitute for Sow Easy because there is no house like green house. There are complimentary products but no substitute. Therefore, substitute is not a threat for Sow Easy.
Threat of new entrant is the product that is newly coming in the market. Sow Easy can be affected by the new competitors entering in the market. as, greenhouse is a common organic house for the better growth and nurture of planted seeds, therefore, numbers of companies offer greenhouse to the customers. It is a growing market therefore; new entrant is a threat for Sow Easy.
When there is a monopoly in the market, the buying power of buyer decreases and buying power of supplier increases. In the case of Sow Easy, buying power of supplier (Sow Easy) decreases as there are number of competitors offering greenhouse. Therefore, the buying power of buyer is more than he buying power of Sow Easy.
In the rivalry market there are numbers of existing competitors. In greenhouse market, there are five most famous competitors of Sow Easy. These competitors are; Rhino Greenhouses, Gardman Greenhouse, The Greenhouse People, Elite Belmont, and Palcram (Review Centre, 2012).
2. Value chain analysis – suppliers, distributors, financers
In value chain analysis (see Appendix A), there are numbers of activities that a company performs for producing and delivering the end product to the market. The process of value chain includes relationship with suppliers and distributors. An organization achieves competitive advantage by bringing a differentiation in its product or by focusing on cost advantage (David, 2005). Sow Easy will handle the activities of inbound logistic itself as it is a primary activity. The tools and equipments for producing a miniature greenhouse will be received by the...

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