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Hypertension: The Risks For High Blood Pressure

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Hypertension is caused by lifestyle habits (Drinking, smoking, stress, nutrition, physical activity, weight) and predetermined factors (genetics, age, ethnicity/ race). Even if somebody is born with a higher risk of hypertension because of genetics or ethnicity it doesn’t mean that they are going to get it; this individual could develop lifestyle habits to prevent hypertension. Hypertension is a common cardiovascular disease (Hoeger, 2009, p. 334). Hypertension is also referred to as “high blood pressure”. Blood pressure is a measurement of the force put on the walls of the arteries by the blood (About High Blood Pressure, 2011). The higher the pressure put on the walls of the arteries ...view middle of the document...

348). This is considered the level to be hypertensive because the pressure is so high above normal (120/80) that the arteries are being put under great stress and are damaged. There are many causes of hypertension and they are, for the most part, all preventable.
Prevalence of the disease: How many people have the disease in various populations.
Hypertension does in fact vary in different cultures, genders and ages groups. In Canada, females are more likely to get hypertension compared to males, “In 2009, females (17.3%) were more likely than males (16.4%) to report that they had been diagnosed with hypertension” (High Blood Pressure, 2009). It is not females of all ages that are more likely to get hypertension it is only once females get above 65 that make them more venerable but they have so many more incidences that it puts them at an overall higher risk, “At ages 12 to 34 and 45 to 54, men had [slightly] higher hypertension rates; at 65 and older, women had higher rates” (High Blood Pressure, 2009). Genetics plays a very small role in the causation of hypertension in individuals but it does play a small role, “hypertension results only when genetic differences affect the integrated functions of cardiovascular and renal BP regulation.” (Weder, n.d.). Finally, shown through statistics, race does appear to play a role in the probability of an individual getting hypertension. For males, African Americans have the highest prevalence of hypertension (42.2%) followed by whites (31.2%) then Mexican Americans (24.8%) (High Blood Pressure Facts, 2011). As well, for females, African Americans have the highest reported rate of hypertension (44.1%) then Mexican Americans (28.6%) who are shadowed by whites (28.3%) (High Blood Pressure Facts, 2011). Hypertension is a disease with much prevalence’s and shows strong correlations to these trends across many ages, ethnicities, and family backgrounds.
Acute and chronic complications associated with the disease: any future medical complications that the patient may incur as a result of having the disease.
Hypertension causes a range of diseases in the cardiovascular system because the high blood pressure is usually as result of atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis makes it hard for the blood to get throughout the body and if there is no blood in a given part of the body there will be consequences. Hypertension is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease as it scores an 8/12 on the risks points scale (Hoeger, 2009, p. 335). Sometimes coronary heart disease can block the arteries of the heart so significantly, or completely (myocardial infraction), that blood cannot make it to certain parts of the heart resulting in a heart attack (Hoeger, 2009, p. 334-335). If an individual has hypertension this means that their heart is pumping harder, if the heart is pumping harder it will consequently become enlarged, and that can be accompanied by congestive heart failure (Hoeger, 2009, p. 349). High blood pressure...

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