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Hypnotherapy Case Study

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Miss W M came to therapy for weight loss. She is a size 20 and would like to be a size 16. In August she is invited to a wedding where she will give a speech and she wants to look very good (she understands that quick weight loss is not healthy, so she is happy if she would not be a size 16 in August, but approaching her goal gradually.) She is 14 stone (approx 88 kg) and 1.48 cm tall, BMI 40.2. She is diabetic, and has to eat regularly.
She is a single mum with 2 teenage sons and often feels tired and stressed. She is a bit worried about the family’s finances. She works in a voluntary organisation too which she find very inspiring.
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She kept this habit and eats quite fast.
In her family (and also in the society in Zimbabwe) women who were slim were considered unhealthy: a woman has to be curvy to be fertile and being able to deliver babies. She said she was never very slim but looked healthy. When she became pregnant she gain weight and it stayed on, because she was busy and did not have time to exercise and take good care of her. The same weight gain happened with her second pregnancy. She had more weight on but still felt healthy, active and attractive. When she had to leave her country and her husband died, she started to gain more weight and not long after she came to the UK she was diagnosed with diabetes.
She eats twice a day quite big portions, and I explained that it is essential to have regular meals in moderate amounts during the day. We agreed that she would make some changes and try to eat 3 times a day, eating healthy snacks between two main meals. We discussed what she is eating now, and agreed that she has to eat a wider range of food to ensure that she’s getting a balanced diet and her body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.
I asked her how motivated she was, and she said that she feels highly motivated and ranks herself between 9 and 10 on a scale of 0 to 10.
She did not have hypnotherapy for weight loss, tried some diet but because of her hectic lifestyle she did not managed to follow them. I explained that the key to keeping weight off is to make changes to her diet and lifestyle that she can stick to, and hypnotherapy can help to make and maintain these changes.
To find out the reasons why Miss W overeats we used the chart in the Hypnosis for Change book (pages 63-65) and examined when, why and where she was overeating. We also looked at new options and alternative activities instead of eating. She eats more in groups, at business lunches and at social events. Miss W treats herself to a meal whenever she needs a reward or to relax. We were able to see clearly that her “danger areas” – the situations when she is more likely to eat excessive amount of food – are the gatherings, hence she will monitor herself how much does she eat at the next occasion.
I also looked for any hidden agenda in her case. I asked a lot of open question and also used the chart mentioned above, but I was not able to identify any at the first consultation. I will keep an open eye on it and look for any veiled motive or intention, because sometimes the clients are not consciously aware of their hidden agendas and for an effective therapy these need to be discovered.
I also assessed her modality, learning style, individual needs to be able to write a personalised screed for her. Because she is also working for her hypnotherapy diploma she tried a lot of different types of induction and she asked for 2 (Elman and the one with muscle relaxation) which she found the most effective for her.
Before our meeting I researched and learned what the DIABETES UK’s website...

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