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I Am A Traveler By Kang Shinho As A Teacher, I Think I’m A Traveler. When Travelers Fill Their Bags With Things Needed For Travel, I Fill My Heart, Soul And Brain With Continuous Studying So That My Students Will Be

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I Am a Traveler

By Kang Shinho

As a teacher, I think I’m a traveler. When travelers fill their bags with things needed for travel, I fill my heart, soul and brain with continuous studying so that my students will be able to use it when they’re in need. In addition, when travelers want to have a cozy and comfortable place to take a rest after a long walk, I, as another traveler, feel comfortable when I teach, play and be with my lovely students. Moreover, as travelers recall travels they’ve just finished, and as they develop rolls of film, I automatically recall and think how to develop my own classes better for next time. With all mentioned above, as a teacher, I am, indeed, a traveler ...view middle of the document...

Feeling Happiness As an English Teacher

By Heo Jung Won

The reason I became an English teacher is because I enjoy studying English. When I entered middle school, the Seoul Olympic Games were held in Korea, so many foreigners visited our nation. With the hope to communicate with them, I studied English hard, and began to take to it; I never had the chance to talk to them, though. By the time I became a high school student, English was my most prominent subject on tests. Therefore, I decided to apply for English education department in University, and this choice proved to be right. Truly, I took a delight in English novels and poems. After experiencing failure several times, I became an English teacher. Ultimately, I realized my dream, and I really love my job. The best thing about being an English teacher is that I feel happy when my students enjoy my English class as I enjoyed studying English when I was young.

I have not always wanted to be a teacher. When I was very young I wanted to be a doctor. However after reading Mary MacCracken's "Lovey: A very special Child" at age twelve, I made a life decision to become an educator. "Lovey" opened my eyes to the fact that there are young children who are angry, afraid, lonely, hurt, and confused. My early years had been so carefree and full of laughter. It shocked and hurt me to read that there are children who live in despair. I remember thinking; despair is not an emotion a child should have. To be a child means to have hope. I knew then that teaching would be my passion. I desperately wanted to help young children step out of despair and into the carefree world of a child, where laughter, magic, and hope are the essence of life.

As the oldest of nine siblings I have been caring for children most of my life. When I was a young girl I took pleasure in helping my mother change, feed, and entertain my younger sisters and brothers. As I grew older I cared for them when my mother was out during the day.

During my first two years in college I was an...

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