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I Am Not A Baby Giving Machine

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why i just cant fill up this generation gap? i am new , unique , transparent , fast , practical , extrovert , bold , loud , careless , super greedy and undoubtedly lucky.

Always loved freedom but my family is very orthodox. In fact they are the whole
A to Z of this orthodox thing. This society is really changing today and it needs youth like us who are too bold to rule the world but some members of the family are opposite of your thinking .

They guide you that they feel is right in there terms but we are as usual not ready to listen what they educate, like me .

My grandfather was very superstitious and practical as well . In fact he was a mix of both but his orthodox teachings ...view middle of the document...

My grand father wanted to see me married at the age of 16 . How cool is that? don't you think its child

anyway i tried to warn him by reminding him about the our countries law and then he got this new idea. Ya that same old sick idea that every elder person is perfect in , Emotional blackmailing.

Thank god i am quite brat and nerd that's why he was unable to capture me in that spell. Although its weird but its not my fault. Today everyone wants to be something.

so as a normal teenage guy i also have some dreams and some ambitions and i need to make them real and that needs attention and dedication. Its obvious that after marriage its tough to create that so called balance between work and wife.

wife needs attention and i really don't wish to be committed at so early age. well there are billions of beautiful girls and i don't want to regret later that what i did .

It was a real hard job to convince the family. why every grand parents has only one wish to play with there grandson and all that crap..? and why they expect so much?

Am i a baby giving machine only? i have my aim to be something . I want to enjoy the life and i want to see this beautiful world and also wish to explore it on my own and i know marriage ruins all the thing.

once you get trapped in this marriage game , then you cant go everywhere. you cant see other chicks. you cant come late . soon this baby responsibility comes because many girls are very traditional specially when chosen by Orthodox family and they expect baby in the first trip. anyway so stay single and mingle as much as you can with freedom and you people.

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