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I Am Not Your Typical Stereotype

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Whichever sex we are, be it male or female, at the early stages of life we discover, or in other cases are taught what is expected of us. Our cultural background will have some bearing on the path we take to make it to adulthood. People with different sexual orientation, economic and social status, just to name a few, are often stereotyped by others because of sketchy images they have grown up with. Within this paper, I will present three everyday stereotypes I grew up believing and now experience as an adult, then offer insight of how I took control of my life to rise above the barriers to develop into the person I am today.
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One of my friends came up to me and said, “she not your date” and I turned immediately all shades of red. After that experience, I then knew that it was expected of me to like boys.
The schools did not teach what being gay meant, I just knew I felt different. I grew up in a deeply religious family so liking girls was not an option. A television show that was on when I was growing up was Three’s Company; a man pretends to be gay so that he can live with two women. This was the first reference of homosexuality on television (Ploshay, 2007). The way television and the media portrays a character has a last affect on their viewers and readers.
My senior year of high school I lost weight, starting wearing contacts and played on the girls’ basketball team. I started dating a guy who ran track and had a promising future ahead of him. Our relationship became serious but I just did not have feelings for him like the ones my friends talked about having with their boyfriends. I ended up marrying the guy before leaving for basic training with the Air Force.
After joining the Air Force, I finally met my first “official” lesbian. She took me to a cook out where there were other lesbian. For the first time in my life, I felt free to be me. However, at that time if you were caught having a lesbian relationship you were dishonorably discharged, no questions asked. I started attending Pro-Choice events when on leave to bring attention to gay rights. At that time, being Pro-Choice also meant I was for the right of a woman to have an abortion.
When attending the events the assumption was I was a lesbian and I did not like kids. This sort of inductive argument lacked genuineness. Although I was a lesbian in waiting of sorts, and I did participate in Pro-Choice activities, there was no basis to suggest that I did not like kids. This would be regarded as an Ad-Hominem fallacy since the conclusion is not satisfactorily established on the people who played a part in the conclusion; additionally the characteristics of all concerned are irrelevant to the conclusion...

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