I Am The Cheese Alternate Ending

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Rewrite of Novel Ending for I Am the Cheese
TAPE OZK015 2218 date deleted T-A
A: I saw light. Light that I've never seen before. Inviting light. Warm light. I could feel my body pull towards it. Then I saw them.
T: Saw who?
(5-second interval.)
A: My parents.
He really could see his parents. They were clear as day. They were in the light, and he was drawn to them. His father looked happy, and so did his mother. Something he hadn't seen in awhile. As he drew closer to them, they spoke to him.
"Adam," his father said, "you must go back." He shot a puzzled look at his mother and she only nodded.
"I must go back?" he said, "go back ...view middle of the document...

I remember coming back and feeling the rough pavement against my cheek. It's all returning to me now! I finally get it! I only came back because my parents told me it wasn't my time to die.
T: Is there anything else you remember? Anything else you would like to discuss?
A: No. Everything I remember just ended there. I can't remember anything else, there's nothing else to remember.
T: Can't you remember? Or is it that you don't want to remember.
A: I just can't remember anything else. My heads starting to hurt again, I feel like I'm going to pass out. But there is one more person I remember. A person I remember as I returned.
T: And who was that?
(5-second interval.)
T: Who? Who?
(5-second interval.)
A: Grey.
The darkness begins to fade. I open my eyes and everything's blurry. After a few seconds, my vision adjusts itself. I realize I'm staring up at a white tiled ceiling. I hear a constant beeping sound. I wonder where I am, and how I got here. I see a face lean over me.
"Excellent. You're coming to…again," he murmurs. I see that he's a big man with white hair and a black mustache. I find it hard to speak, but force the words out anyway.
"Where am I?" I ask him as I struggle to move. He helps me sit up and he sighs.
"You're in the hospital. You've been slipping in and...

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