I Believe In Adventure Essay

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I believe in adventure

I believe life should be an adventure. I grew up in the Midwest and had many adventures that helped shape my life. I love being able to think back on all the wonderful things I did.
My brother and I always went exploring together. On Sunday mornings we would hike two miles to our fishing spot. Our spot was off the Cedar River on a sandy hill, where we would catch catfish, frogs and turtles. I had so many adventures along the river, that it set me on my path to become a wildlife biologist.
Sometimes my adventures had consequences. At one time in my childhood I would get hurt by something I have always enjoyed and loved.
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I was able to give a little of the joy I feel when I ride my horses.
As a child my family was always camping together or rock hunting. We use to go to these old railroad tracks in Illinois where we would find geodes. It was so fascinating to crack a rock open to see what’s inside. Some of the geodes had powder or oil in them. Others had smoky quartz in them . What was inside had to do with what they formed with.
I wonder sometimes if I didn’t grow up with so much adventure, would’ve I loved nature as much as I do now. Being outside in the woods or fields makes me feel so free and alive. This is one thing I would never give up.
Now that I have a family, I like to take them hiking, fishing, and camping. I want them to have the experiences I had. They enjoy going with me and I hope we’ll have great memories to gather to look back on.
Besides hiking, fishing, and camping. I love all animals. As a kid I had many different kinds of animals. When I was nine my parents bought me a two week old goat named peanut. I had to bottle fed him for...

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