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I Don't Have One Yet Essay

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Unit 10
Latin America
October 20, 2011

Discuss the areas of disagreement that developed between the United States and Latin America over the question of hemispheric priorities in the early years of the Cold War (1945 – 1960). Did the United States or Latin America have the better set of priorities?
After coming out of World War II and having the reputation of being the “world’s greatest economic, financial, military, and even cultural power” we were now going to enter an era of time that would allow us to deal with other countries through threats of nuclear warfare,
Admiral Hyman Rickover was addressing the U.S. Senate Committee in 1958 when he said, “I think ...view middle of the document...

Broken promises by the United States, our lack of interest for Latin America’s problems and our interest in European development caused Latin America great stress. After the Organization of American States was created Latin America really needed economic support and the United States drafted an “Economic Agreement” that did not make Latin America happy, because the United States did not approve the agreement.
The United States only concern was the Cold War. We were going to do whatever was necessary to achieve our goal. We tried to develop democratic governments in Latin America but were accused of interfering with internal affairs. We couldn’t gain Latin America’s cooperation. They accused us of “interfering and being more comfortable dealing with dictators”.
In 1952, the year my mother was born, President Eisenhower took on a new approach to the war. The United States took on a very offensive roll except for in Latin America. We provided economic support to Bolivia in 1952, and covert operation to Guatemala in 1954.
So, what does all this mean? And why did I mention my mother? I sometimes forget that when we study history that there are people among us that lived through the period of time that we are discussing. My mother said that “people shook when you said Russia, communism, or Marxism”. “We may not have fully understood it, but we knew we didn’t want it. “If...

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