I Like Hamlet's Crush On His Mother

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Discuss the Dramatic Effectiveness of Act1 in ‘Waiting for Godot’

The play ‘Waiting for Godot’ is very dramatically effective throughout Act1. This is shown from the exposition of the set and characters, through the language of the play, and the themes that arise.
The staging of Act1 is very dramatic for the audience. An almost empty stage and leafless tree, symbolising the meaningless and emptiness of the lives of Estragon and Vladimir, is very effective in engaging the audience, especially as it broke theatrical conventions in the 1950s. Beckett also uses the entrance of Pozzo and Lucky to enhance the dramatic impact on the audience, making it ...view middle of the document...

Another aspect of the dialogue is the uneven nature of it, drifting between non-naturalistic and naturalistic language. This non-naturalistic nature is shown by lists shared between the two characters, ‘His friends’, ‘His agents’, ‘His correspondents’, thus demonstrating Beckett’s use of artificial language, adding to the dramatic effectiveness of the scene by demonstrating the overriding element of absurdity shown across the first Act. This dialogue is then contrasted to naturalistic language at other points in Act1. This is shown by Vladimir asking ‘How’s the carrot?’ and Estragon replying ‘It’s a carrot.’ This more realistic form of dialogue gives the audience the ability to relate to the action on stage, increasing the dramatic effectiveness of the play. The language also conveys the sense of confusion felt throughout Act1, shown by the miscommunication expressed between Vladimir and Estragon. For example, the repletion of ‘Tied’ between Estragon and Vladimir, and the repeated use of ‘Who?’ and ‘What?’ demonstrates the miscommunication between the two characters, making it dramatically effective for the audience as they must try and establish where this miscommunication stems from. The language in Act1 is also highly dramatically effective. This is shown by the change in tone...

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