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I Luv U India Essay

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Countdown to New Year 2016 life in India has begun, yayyyy, such a great time to look forward to in India, I Luv U India!!! when we reached home on December 22, 2015…Ammy started readying the ingredients to make her delicious green masala chicken and I started washing the chicken. Ammy's delicious green masala chicken was a way of our Indian family life.
It Was Almost 6pm And The Water Had Already Come
We did not have water from 930 am to 6pm, the water came at 5 minutes to 6, today. The cost of chicken was Rs. 130 a kilo ($2.16).
We bought 3 kilos, as we would also be giving our friends. Life in India, also meant sharing things with people. People in India are very family friendly and ...view middle of the document...

So Ammy started to grind the masala for the green masala chicken. It was now 5 minutes to 8 pm, Ammy had started on the dish at a little past 6 pm, but the dish was still not ready. Finally we ate food at around 845 PM. What with all the Indian herbs and spices that Ammy had used, the food was simply just superb, one that could be served in any of the top restaurants in the world. Then I watched some TV while Ammy did her designing.
All Repeats On TV
Even though we had Cable TV, most of the time we got to see repeats – even on Xmas 2015 eve, there was nothing to watch on TV. I watched TV, just about anything that I could, till I heard crackers going off at around 5 minutes to Xmas 2015. Then Ammy and I wished each other and then I went and switched on my PC. Ammy and I were at our PCs till around 4 in the morning. Then we called it a night.
Waking Up At 10am On Xmas 2015
I woke up at 10 minutes to 10 on the morning on Xmas 2015. Amy woke up at around 10 am. By that time I had already showered. After that Ammy and I had our Xmas 2015 breakfast. After that, we gave our neighbors some Xmas 2015 sweets and by that time it was around 12 pm, so we sat down and had out lunch. Our neighbors had given us 4 dosas, we had that with Ammy's tasty green masala chicken with green peas – cooked this time with green peas.
Then we watched a Bollywood movie and by then it was 2pm so we decide to grab some rest. Though I tried to sleep, I was restless and woke up in 30 minutes and sat down at my PC. Ammy slept till around 345 pm and then she awoke. We had our favorite hot masala chai with Xmas 2015 cake and then Ammy sat down at her PC and I sat down at mine. It was already 427 PM. Half of Christmas 2015 was over and the New Year 2016 would soon start…yayyyy I Luv U India.
The evening passed quite slowly and then, even though it was Xmas day, the power supply was cut at 5.45 PM. Luckily, it came back in 10 minutes. As we had had tea very late, Ammy and I decided to have a late meal. So, we both sat on our PCs till around 7pm and then we did the housework. It was Xmas, so we decided to buy food from out. Ammy liked the chicken tikka biryani, so she ordered the same and I ordered the same chicken biryani. Ammy ordered me some sweet red wine, as I liked that and would have some on every Xmas, this was part and parcel of my life in India. This was about Indian culture, there was just so much to do and to enjoy and we want to share it all with people all over the globe on our blog I Luv U India.

Nothing To See On TV While Having Dinner
Even though it was Xmas night, there were only repeats on TV and so Ammy and I had nothing to see on TV, while we had our Xmas 2015 dinner – even though we loved watching TV, while having dinner.
After dinner, Ammy got down to her designing and I sat down to see some TV – even though there were reruns. I watched Max Payne. After the movie got over, I watched another rerun – forget the name of the movie, which got...

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