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I Miss My School Essay

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Good morning everyone! Today I’ll be making a presentation on the topic I’m sure most of you can relate to. At times I really wonder ‘’why we miss our school days the most?’’ As a child, we always look up to the elders around and profoundly wish to be like one of them as soon as possible. What we don’t realise then is that, that is the best phase of our lives where we are unaware of the real world which is ruthlessly challenging, demanding n arduous. Of course, the very fact that we are not expected to realise this then, makes it the best phase of our lives. I don’t know what exactly drives us to become like one of them-a grown up; because in my opinion the worst thing that ever happens to humans is that they grow up and school is the place where the process of growing up begins. Once we are out of school, it’s time to take the first big decision of our lives basically act like a grown up. Everyone from the neighbouring aunties n uncles n relatives begin ...view middle of the document...

Now, thinking of all this, don’t you miss your school? Remember your first day at school? The subject you hated the most?
School days, I believe are the most innocent and tender days of our lives because most of us back then were naive n gullible, didn’t have much experience of life. School was like second home. Thus, the feeling that we are sheltered n safe remains until one steps out and gets a taste of the real world outside home and school. Though the memories of the earlier years of my life-good, bad, the worst and the best are gratifying and I truly cherish them but attending college being away from home helped me mature as a person, taught me a few bitter lessons of life, made me learn how to deal with certain tribulations on my own, which I think was necessary. But school was school. The other day I asked some of my friends that what was that that they missed the most about their school days. Some said they missed the days when tazzos and pokemons were the only important things in their lives, some said they missed writing love notes to their crushes, some said they missed eating lunch boxes during class and some missed the chase that they gave their teachers while bunking classes. The responses were funny, endearing and enchanting.
Looking back the memory lane I miss my school terribly. The play-grounds, the teachers, the school bus, the auditorium, everything. A feeling of nostalgia creeps in every time I see people putting up school pictures on Facebook; even if it’s the picture of my school gate. Or when I listen to some particular songs that I can discretely and only associate with my school days. I’m sure that happens to all of u too. At times I’m so delirious that whenever I pass my school building back in Delhi I blow flying kisses at it and at times I simply wear my school uniform and roam about my house because I just can’t discard it, I can’t. And even though the paneer kulchas that we used to get in our school canteen weren’t rather aren’t the best ones but from time to time I still ask my younger brother to get them for me just to relive those days and those memories and it fills me with pure bliss. Seriously those were the days!
Thank you everyone for being so patient and letting me share my views and feelings over a very-very dear topic. Have a good day.

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