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Juan Ortiz
professor Newman
English 066
Beat the bully
With his head hung low, eyes to the ground, and cement-heavy-feet dragging him along the school halls, he takes the brutal beating of other peer’s words thrown at him. Everyday feels like a year when he struggles to find a reason to go on. He inhales a sharp breath as he prepares for another day of beat downs and foul language directed at him. Bullying in schools is a worldwide problem. It used to be considered a part of growing up. However Americans are recognizes that bullying at school can ruin many people’s lives. It comprised of direct behaviors such as teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, stealing that are initiated by one ...view middle of the document...

A text, a Face book wall post, a Tweet – a line or two is all it takes to wound someone's self-esteem, to bring tears, to ruin a friendship. According to professor Ian Rivers states “that males and females are equally at risk of cyber-bullying}. With the explosion of modern technology, old-school bullying is out and a new type of bullying is taking the stage. Unfortunately, many kids do not want to report on their bullies and they do not tell their parents until it is really bad or too late. Others think they have nowhere to turn and take their own life! Doesn’t it bother you that this is happening? Technology has aided us in keeping track of information, but sometimes, that information might just come back to haunt us in the future
She’s sitting in her room, crying as she ties the rope to the top of the closet. She thinks back to herself and knows she’s doing the right thing. Her life is a mess. Everyone, even her own parents don’t believe her and the cuts on her wrist prove this is the right thing. She’s already written the note explaining why. The note, she thinks, will probably never be read. No one cares enough to read it. When they find her tomorrow, they will be passive, maybe even happy that she won’t have to bother them anymore. She climbs the small steps on the stool, puts her head in the hole, and with that last thought kicks the stool away and hangs. She is one of thirty- thousand teens and children that commit suicide from bullying every single year. When you think about bullies you want to stand up for the victim but you are to afraid. I will tell you about how bullying leads to suicide. According to bullyingstatistics.org Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people. There are four thousand four hundred deaths per year caused by suicide. For every suicide among young people there are one hundred suicide attempts. People think that high school students never think about death or suicide. But did you know that fourteen percent of high school students have considered suicide, and that seven percent have attempted it? When it comes to teens committing suicide people are so closed minded.
What should been done in school to prevent bullying you ask? Well by demonstrate to students that bullying, other forms of harassment will not be tolerated....

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