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I/O Psychology Paper

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Industrial Organizational Psychology Paper
Edward Oliver, Jr.
435/ Industrial Organizational Psychology
May 23, 2012
Dr. Keisha Pou

Industrial Organizational Psychology Paper
In the 21st century various companies in the United States and internationally have used Industrial Organizational Psychology (I/O) in the workplace. For example, AT&T use extrinsic rewards programs to motivate their sales representative to increase sell volumes at each mobility center. Kaiser Permanente also has extrinsic rewards if the departments in the faculties have a high score in customer service they receive an ...view middle of the document...

The second principle that he mentions the characteristics of employees hired should be a factor, according to job performance a managers need to examine each employee to discover if characteristics are important to each worker. The third principle that Taylor mentioned each company should train their employees properly. The fourth and final principle is that each employee should have an extrinsic reward for his or her productivity which will cause high productivity in the workplace.
I/ O Psychology and other disciplines of psychology
Psychology is the scientific study of thinking and behavior, such as Abnormal psychology, Social psychology, Developmental psychology, and Experimental psychology. Industrial/Organizational psychology applies its psychology to principles and theories to organizations and behaviors of employees, and workplaces. In other words I/O psychology is the scientific study of thinking and behavior at the workplace. It differs because it sets into place procedures to motivate employees, training, and development in the workplace.
I/ O Psychology used in organizations
I/O Psychology theories have focused on several issues and problems among employees in the workplace. According to Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), I/O psychology used to help companies with issues, such as behavior problems in the workplace and helping to develop procedures for both the selection and recruitment process. Also I/O helps with the training and development needs, and implementing training programs, coaching the employees and assessing the effectiveness of their training and development. An I/O psychologist assesses the company’s consumers’ preferences and evaluates the company’s consumer satisfaction with products and services. They also set-up extrinsic reward systems for the employees in corporations by developing an external stimulus reward systems, such as goal settings programs or paid by performance programs, which should bring some intrinsic motivation that will give them...

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