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I Read A Conversation With My Father" And "Stepdaughters

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“ I read A Conversation with My Father “ by Grace Paley which was about a narrator whose father had a heart issue. He was 85 years old and he was lying in bed while he was talking to his daughter. He wanted her to write a story a simple story. She writes one and he says it is not quite what he was looking for. So she rewrites it and this time with a little more detail. He still does not like this story because it does not have a very good ending. He is trying to get his daughter to realize that tragedy does exist but she keeps making jokes trying to avoid this fact. At the end the father asks her " when will you look it in the face?".  Story telling accomplishes nothing if you don't know how to tell stories that have any significant meaning. The stories such Cinderella what does that do for anybody nothing but in Conversation With My Father you realize that there is tragedy that not everything ends with a happy ending. Story telling only matters if it ...view middle of the document...

Her mother, Helen, actually tried to do everything she could to stop is she talked to Stephanie's coach but nothing worked. Her mother grew more and more angry it soon began to cause fights between them all the time. The reason the Helen did not like this so much was because she thought Stephanie was losing her femininity by doing this. Her stepfather doesn't really mind its just kind of there, he knows that nothing he can do will stop it so he refrains for the situation. Stephanie asks him why he doesn't just leave because their fighting became so intense but he doesn't see why that would matter for his relationship with her mother. After they talk he begins to imitate her she laughs and they become close. She explained that she liked doing shot putting because it made her fill good and that was all that mattered. She didn't care that she wasn't the cutest girl she had found something that made her who she was or explained herself well.  

There was a girl who had two older sisters both of which were absolutely gorgeous. They could get any guy in town to fall in love with them if they already weren't. The younger sister became very insecure with herself always looked at herself in shame wondering why she was not as pretty as her sisters. Her parents told her that she would one day be just as beautiful as they were. She knew this would never be true she had seen pictures of them when they were younger and they were gorgeous then to. She looked down ashamed because she knew that no matter what she did no matter how hard she tried they would always be prettier.  But one day a handsome young man had come into their town all of the ladies loved him they did everything they could to get his attention not even the most beautiful of them all the two older sisters. One day while the younger sister was on a walk she ran into him. He asked her to assist him on his walk they began to talk and realized they had many of the same interest. They got married a few years later and they lived happily ever after. 
You are not always going to look or be the way you want it is about finding yourself and doing what comforts you.

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