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I Want To Learn More About English And Literature

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My community is majorly comprised of sugarcane farming, animal keeping, maize farming and all other food crops such as sorghum, sweet potatoes, cassava among others. This is majorly because it is situated next to a very prosperous sugar company called SOUTH NYANZA SUGAR COMPANY (SONY). This makes sugarcane farming a major source of income.
The THREE major challenges that are facing my community and has greatly hindered its proper development are as follows:-
1) Lack of infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water: this is the main challenge that we face in my community. The murram roads leading to my community are in poor conditions and become really muddy during rainy seasons and ...view middle of the document...

This usually makes so many people end up sick.
2) Illiteracy:- most elder people in my community did not go to school and some children drop out of school at an early stage because they prefer to stay home than study. This is majorly caused by them disregarding the importance of education in a person’s life. This often leaves them mainly idle therefore, they turn to drug abuse mainly alcoholism and end up with early unwanted pregnancies and marriages, leading to living in continuous poverty from parents to children who have to depend on their farm produce for a living. Others are also unable to read and write and the only language they can fluently speak is our native language. This majorly hinders development and communication with other communities with different languages.
3) Lack of proper jobs: - being so illiterate, most people in my community lack the proper skills to get a good job. The mostly end up jobless or either as hard working labourers in the sugar factory’s farms under harsh conditions like the scorching sun and sometimes pounding rain or as law income labourers in the factory or as just retailers in their small shops and at the end of the day, they come back home with very low wages merely enough for their...

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